Barbara Walters Could Be Next To Leave ‘The View’

With several departures announced and rumored last week, The View may be losing yet another host, co-creator Barbara Walters.

Sources told the New York Daily News that the 83-year-old could be the next panelist heading out the door. While Walters and representative for The View declined to comment on the respected journalist’s rumored departure, recent events seems to indicate that Walters may be stepping down from the daytime talk show. However, after being sidelined for six weeks after a bout of chicken pox and a concussion, Walters returned to the show last week in seemingly high spirits.

If Walters does end up staying with The View, she will be the last original cast member, although she only works on the show part-time now and moves to the first seat as moderator when co-host Whoopi Goldberg is away.

Walters’ rumored departure was preceded by news that Joy Behar would be leaving the show after 16 seasons. Behar could possibly be heading to CNN once she leaves The View, but the move is currently only speculation. Behar will discuss her departure for the first time on air during Monday’s episode, but the 70-year-old has said in the past couple of days that she wants to explore other opportunities. She added that she had several other things on her plate, such as writing a play and doing standup, to keep her occupied post-daytime TV.

Also on her way out is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has long been the lone right wing voice on the liberal talk show. While the circumstances surrounding Hasselbeck’s departure are unclear for the time being — rumor has it that she is being forced out because she is unpopular with viewers — ABC has yet to confirm the reason her contract wasn’t renewed for a tenth season.

Who do you think should replace Barbara Walters if she does leave The View? Who should take over Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s empty seats?