Kelly Ripa Flaunts Killer Body In Pants So Tight, She Actually Admits ‘I Can’t Breathe’

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Kelly Ripa is known for saying it how it is. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host is loved for her real vibe, like a recent video showcasing her Roland Mouret dress that saw the 48-year-old struggle to pronounce the designer’s name. Kelly didn’t seem to care, though, with the video going live regardless. Today’s behind the scenes video from Live! isn’t any different, with Kelly being just as real.

In the video, which was recently posted to the Live! with Kelly and Ryan Instagram account, the two stars are seen making their way to the show’s set. Showing a little backstage footage on the series’ social media as fans sit down on their couches to tune in has become something of a Live! tradition.

Much like their previous videos, this one opened up with various individuals enjoying a bit of a dance session on stage. Eyes were likely on the part of the video showing Kelly and co-host Ryan Seacrest making their way through the backstage area, though. Kelly was seen looking impossibly chic and stylish in a floral-print shirt in a mostly-green shade, with pops of pink and red adding color. The blonde had paired her blouse with a high-waisted and tailored pair of white pants. While an initial glance would have fans arguing that they were loose, the super-tight waist detail seemed to have Kelly in a bit of trouble, as she herself admitted.

“I can’t breathe…who cares about breathing. Breath is overrated.”

Ryan seemed to have an opinion on the matter, too, saying that breath “just occupies space.”

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Of course, the pair appeared to be joking. That said, Kelly didn’t appear all too comfortable in her pants. Fortunately, she looked nothing short of sensational. Ryan himself was looking dapper in a slate-gray suit paired with a black shirt.

Kelly isn’t the only star of Live! with great fashion sense. In fact, Kelly admitted just yesterday that she knows when Ryan digs her look, giving his own fashionable seal of approval.

Fans today will likely have noticed that Kelly’s outfit showcased her sensational physique, displaying the star’s super-slim waistline and all-around gym-honed frame without flashing much flesh. Kelly seems blessed with an overall petite frame, but the star has admitted that she doesn’t have an enviable body by lounging around all day. The mother of three is a renowned workout queen. Although sweat sessions aren’t often posted to Kelly’s Instagram, fans know that she works out. With those early starts and a crazy-busy career, it’s hard to believe she can even make the time to do so.

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