Kim Kardashian Hits Back At Online Troll During ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Appearance

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Kim Kardashian is known for always being a good sport, and once again the reality TV star proved that she has a great sense of humor by taking part in Jimmy Kimmel’s popular segment, “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.”

Kim laughed as she read a snarky tweet by an online troll, who wrote: “I’d rather plant poison ivy plants in my anus before hearing another word about Kim Kardashian!”

The 38-year-old pretended to be offended for a second before she promptly replied, “Go ahead and do that,” while laughing and adding, “Please!”

This was not Kim’s first time doing the segment, as she had previously appeared back in 2017, according to The Daily Mail.

However, she was only one of many A-listers to take the punch from merciless Twitter users. Former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell kicked off the video by shouting as he read along the insult, “Will Ferrell is overrated. Sorry, but he just screams.”

The comedian played along with it, agreeing that the statement was somewhat true.

Next up was Mad Men star Jon Hamm, who pretended not to be amused after reading this tweet: “John Hamm is a softboy with a dad bod #truf.”

The hilarious segment continued with Chris Rock, who was dismissed by a troll for being on the movie Grown Ups 2, and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, who tried to contain her laughter after someone compared her to a “very young grandma.”

Stranger Things‘s David Harbour was also challenged to a fight by a very aggressive cyberbully, to which he simply replied, “That’s nice.”

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Comedian David Spade actually went along with the joke, with his response to the tweet being equally funny. The hilarious insult was, “I just cut a fart that smells so bad they added David Spade a supporting character,” to which he jokingly replied, “That’s not bad. I actually auditioned for that, I didn’t know if I got it.”

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal got one of the nastiest punchlines, which read, “Jake Gyllenhaal’s dick smells like hot dog water,” to which he calmly responded, “That’s like a haiku. Like a beautiful, beautiful thing to say.”

But it was Euphoria star Zendaya who offered the best roast when a hater told her her feet smelled bad. The 23-year-old then took off one of her heels and sniffed the sole, saying: “Nope. Smells like success to me.”

Other famous faces who took part in the latest edition of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets included Fred Savage, Tiffany Haddish, Martin Short, Mark Hamill, Sarah Paulson, and Jeff Goldblum. Fans can watch all of them get seriously roasted in the video below.