'Big Brother 21' Fans Blast CBS After Jackson Michie's Win Is Marred By Racism Blindside

Victoria Miller

Jackson Michie's Big Brother win was anything but a sweet victory. Not only did he have to campaign against his showmance and closest ally, Holly Allen, to win the show's $500,000 grand prize, but he was blindsided with upsetting revelations about his behavior in the CBS summertime house minutes before his win was announced by host Julie Chen Moonves.

During a question-and-answer segment with the nine Big Brother jurors, Michie was hit with accusations of misogyny over his alleged treatment of the women in the house, which he flatly denied.

But just before Michie was awarded the Big Brother win by a vote of 6-3 by former houseguests, Chen Moonves told him some viewers believed his decisions as "camp counselor" on the show were seen as discriminatory. In the first days of the Big Brother 21 game, Michie chose David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and Cliff Hogg for possible "banishment" from the house. On the Big Brother finale, Michie was informed that some viewers thought his decision to "banish" David, Kemi, and Jessica was based on their race and Cliff on his age.

Michie — who was a competition beast, winning at least 11 mental and physical competitions in the Big Brother 21 game — was immediately put on the defense during the live show.

"Absolutely not. I'm not racist," Michie said, according to Knoxville News Sentinel.

The stunned Big Brother finalist said all of his decisions were based on first impressions and who he believed could potentially threaten his game. Michie truly seemed blindsided by Chen Moonves' revelations.

"It had nothing to do with race or age or gender or minority ever.... This was strictly players against players. Race, age, religion, gender, none of that ever had anything to do with any decision I made."

Moments later, the expression on Michie's face remained serious as the accusations hung over him even as Chen Moonves announced him as the winner of Big Brother. The winner of the CBS reality show appeared distraught as the confetti fell and his family joined him onstage.

When asked why by Chen Moonves why he looked so serious, the Tennessee native said everything he did on the show was for his family and that he cared about making them proud more than he cared about $500,000.

In the final seconds of the broadcast, Michie can be seen telling his parents "I'm not a racist" as they hug him.

You can see some of the reaction from Big Brother fans below.

"There are a lot of mixed emotions, but I had a goal and I did that," Michie said. "As it's settling in the happiness is starting to surface, but it is an experience that I'm grateful for. The $500,00 definitely helps."

Big Brother Season 22 returns to CBS next summer.