Iskra Lawrence Gets Flirty In Pink Lingerie & Spills Industry Retouching & Styling Secrets

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Iskra Lawrence shared a new Instagram update three days ago, which had her fans thanking her in the comments. And it’s all thanks to her candid captions, where she talked in length about some different industry secrets. This included details on the retouching process, as well as the fitting process for models when they work on photoshoots.

The model used a photo of herself rocking light pink lingerie for the post, as she showed off her curvy body. The bra had a classic cut, and the bottoms featured a small, red bow.

Iskra looked to her left in the shot as she smiled with her lips closed. She wore her hair down in soft waves, as it blew in the wind. The model also draped a thin scarf around her back and onto her arms. It was white with yellow tie-dye designs.

This update was liked over 104,000 times, with many followers leaving long comments.

“Whenever I feel bad with my body you encourage me thank you very much,” said a fan.

“You are so gorgeous really, thank you for all u have done for giving us self-confidence,” said another fan.

Others gushed about the model and her choice to share what she did in the captions.

“I love this SO much! Thank you for talking the talk, walking the walk, and supporting companies that do do!” exclaimed a follower.

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I was talking with one of you about retouching recently and it was really eye opening. Because I’ve been in the modelling industry 16years I have been educated on the fact that basically EVERY image we’ve ever consumed has been retouched. From your high fashion magazine editorial to that smiley lady in a dog food ad. And that’s why NOT retouching is radical. Because it’s usually a lot more convenient for people to just “fix it in post production” But it often goes far deeper than just a smooth here and there I’ve had brands add padding in all sorts of areas (planning to make a video for @allinwithiskra showing you what I mean) I’ve worn a bra under a bra to falsely advertise how push up it was. Literally had fast fashion brands pin and clamp the life out of me because they didn’t care if items weren’t a consistent size or fit and when I gave feedback they’d say “we don’t care, the clothes are so cheap no one will bother returning them”. And all of this BS, not only doesn’t it make us unhappy consumers, it impacts the environment and our carbon footprint hugely! Throw away fast fashion is a huge contributor to global warming, so take time to find brands that care and fits you, so you’ll cherish your clothes and support brands doing good. I’m very thankful to know better and be empowered to say no to sooooo many brands, regardless of the bag, and only work with @aerie and amazing companies who care. Thank you #aeriereal for being radical. Not only by never retouching but also taking time with fit and fabric, supporting so many non profits and highlighting inspiring women in our world. Lickle Sunday rant over, just feeling super duper grateful????❤️✨ Sending you all big hugs I hope you got some self care time today????

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Others discussed specific topics that the model touched on in the captions.

“I love how you don’t retouch and look just perfect and gorgeous, it would be awesome if all the brands do that and show how real bodies really look like,” said a follower.

“This is the kind of models we want to see. REAL and UNEDITED,” declared another follower.

Since this update, Lawrence shared another video update where she opened up about her modeling career and fitness regimen. The post also promoted a giveaway, which includes a trip to New York City and a chance to work out with the model.

Iskra was seen at first wearing an all-black ensemble, as the clip later transitioned to showing the model completing a variety of exercises. The later clips showed the model in an all-pink outfit, which consisted of a long-sleeved shirt and tight leggings. The leggings were a darker shade of pink than her top and also featured a pop of gray below her knees.

This update received over 15,000 likes.

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to workout with ME and @TRXtraining for the #TRXforANYBODY event❓ The link to enter the sweepstakes will be in a swipe up in my IG story‼️ And here???? It’s been so exciting working with @TRXtraining and raising awareness that not just one body type = healthy. And actually encouraging inclusivity and diversity helps more people feel empowered to move their bodies and look after them. Over the next month leading up to the big event in NYC, I’ll be sharing my fitness journey and how I fell in love with and use the TRX straps to strengthen, tone and move my body. It’s one of the most accessible pieces of equipment I’ve used and it’s affordable, portable and takes up very little room! As you know I only work with brands I love and use, so I was super excited when I found out I could work with TRX and that they wanted to encourage more people of different sizes and abilities to get moving ❤ Because health and fitness is for ANYbody???? . #TRXforANYBODY #TRXAthlete #sweepstakes #competition #giveaway #freeprize #freetrip

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