Emily DiDonato Rocks Pink Lingerie Under Flowing Robe & Commands Attention On The Runway

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Emily DiDonato rocked the runway recently and shared a short video clip of her catwalk on Instagram. The video has been watched over 111,000 times already and showed the model in lingerie.

The clip started by showing fans a glimpse of her look from far away and behind, as her robe trailed behind her. It then cut to a camera that was placed at the end of the runway, as Emily walked confidently. She eventually placed her hands on her hips and struck a quick pose, popping her right hip.

DiDonato was spotted in light pink, lacy lingerie. The robe she wore was also light pink, but it was made of a shimmery fabric, perhaps something like satin. She tied the robe in front in a bow, while the excess fabric trailed down the front of her body.

The model also wore multiple, layered necklaces, which all featured the same charm. She wore her hair down in a middle part and gave fiery looks.

Previously, Emily revealed that she had arrived in Paris with a series of new photos. It’s not a huge surprise that she’s in France, considering that it’s Paris Fashion Week right now.

The model’s first update from France was posted two days ago, where she posed in a doorway wearing a navy blue blazer, white shirt, and denim pants. She rolled up the pants to make them capris and showed off her black boots.

Meanwhile, DiDonato accessorized with a black belt and slung a black bag over her right shoulder.

She also wore her hair down and brushed it over her left shoulder. Emily was spotted smiling with her lips closed, while placing her right hand in her front pocket. She also rocked pink blush for the occasion.

Fans had plenty to say about the update.

“I’m obsessed with your outfit!!!!” exclaimed a follower.

“Wow! Looking great my gorgeous friend! Have a good and successful visit!” said another follower.

Plus, many followers took note of Emily’s captions and recommended a variety of restaurants for her to check out.

“French paradox- canard et champagne, nice place to eat duck and drink champagne,” suggested a follower.

“Marco polo italian restorant. Saint german. I work there and i woud like to meet you,” said another follower.

“Dressed lilke this? go at Léon de Bruxelle,” said an Instagram user.

It certainly looks like DiDonato is having a blast so far in Paris. Besides the update of her posing in the doorway, she also shared a couple of selfies where she showed off her bright lipstick and dark blush. She smiled widely in the second shot.

This update was liked over 74,000 times.

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