Mathilde Tantot Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Cleavage In Zoomed-In Shot

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Mathilde Tantot has amassed a large Instagram following of over 3.6 million followers, beating out her twin sister, Pauline Tantot, by almost 1.4 million followers. And it’s likely thanks to her steady stream of eye-catching photos that keep her fans on their toes.

Her newest update was posted three days ago and featured the model rocking a white swimsuit or bodysuit with a major plunge neckline.

There were two photos in the update, with the first one being a close-up of Mathilde’s profile. The image was slightly blurry and showed her rocking a pair of oversized hoop earrings. She parted her lips and wore her hair up in a high ponytail. She secured her hair with a fuzzy hair tie.

Tantot was bathed in a purple glow, which added a dreamy, abstract vibe.

The second photo appeared to be taken around the same time as the first, and was a zoomed-in shot of her chest. Thanks to the low cut of the ensemble, her heart tattoo was visible along with her cleavage.

Fans liked the photo over 165,000 times, and had plenty of nice things to say in the comment section. One fan, in particular, managed to get a response from the model.

“I hope you don’t delete them haha,” said a fan.

“Ahaha omg I’m the worst at it,” responded Mathilde.

Meanwhile, others showered Tantot with their compliments.

“Really, u are just the perfection in the world,” said a follower.

“Ha ha, your a whole f*ckin meal,” said another follower, referring to her captions.

One follower had a suggestion to make.

“Why don’t you have a YouTube channel with your sister? It would be fabulous and unreal,” they said.

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In addition to the Instagram post, Tantot also shared a story with her fans. It showed her attending a birthday celebration at a restaurant for her friend, Quentin. He was spotted in the video holding a sparkler in one hand, while briefly placing another sparkler in his mouth like a cigar. He didn’t leave it there long, however.

Between managing her social media and swimwear line, Khassani, it’s likely that Mathilde keeps pretty busy. The swimwear line is a joint effort between herself and her twin, Pauline.

The brand’s Instagram account is filled with eye-catching photos of a variety of their products. Their latest updates included a close-up shot of a black bikini with round, silver hardware, along with a close-up shot of a purple bikini with a silver heart-shaped hardware.

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walking into the week like

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