‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Young Bae Shows Cleavage In Low-Cut Leather Top

Young BaeInstagram

Black Ink Crew’s Young Bae shared a new Instagram video today, which appeared to be a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at what goes on the set of the show.

The clip showed Bae sitting in front of a green screen, rocking a leather top. It had an off-the-shoulder cut with a very low neckline in the front, which allowed her to flaunt her cleavage.

The reality TV star also rocked her hair in two, high side buns. She accessorized her hair with two, light blue hair clips with star accents on the side. She wore a matching choker necklace.

Bae also rocked dark eye makeup with a slight cat-eye, along with glossy lipstick.

The video showed her talking to the crew, as the camera indicated that it was on standby mode.

In the captions, Young revealed that she was crying because her son gave her a kiss for the first time. Fans had plenty to say about her reaction.

“U need help,” joked a fan, as Young responded with a series of loudly crying face emoji.

Others focused on the sweet moment between mom and son.

“The only one that will genuinely make your soul smile,” said a follower.

One fan, in particular, seemed to get nostalgic.

“Don’t get easier as they grow I still look back at old baby pics of my kids and I cry cuz I love them so much and seeing them grow makes me proud to be a mother… #bestfeelingintheworld #beingamother,” said another follower.

“Trust me girl it only gets better lil boys are mamas boys they love you with everything they have enjoy every moment it goes by soooo fast…,” said a fan.

And speaking of which, Bae shared a photo of her son yesterday. His name is Niko, and he was spotted in a stroller rocking a pair of Vans sneakers. He also wore a pair of dark sunglasses, and appeared to be adjusting them in the photo.

Bae’s fans liked the photo over 47,000 times.