The Most Recent Sentencing In The College Admission Scandal Doesn’t Bode Well For Lori Loughlin

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

There’s been another sentencing in the ongoing college admissions scandal, which law enforcement has dubbed Operation Varsity Blues. Los Angeles business executive Devin Sloane was sentenced to four months in prison for his role in the cheating scheme. Sloane pleaded guilty to paying a $250,000 bribe to ensure his teenage son a spot at the University of Southern California. Sloane was the first of the many famous figures involved in this case to take a plea deal. Because his case is so similar to Full House star Lori Loughlin’s, predictions can be made as to what this sentencing means for her, according to Today.

In addition to the four months in prison Sloane is faced with, he’ll also have to complete 500 hours of community service and pay a fine of $95,000. In addition to paying Rick Singer, the mastermind of this scheme, a hefty sum to get his son into college, investigators say he also took staged photos of his son in their pool to make him look like he was a water polo athlete when he really wasn’t.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli on the other hand, have been accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella into the University of Southern California. They also, like Sloane, have been accused of presenting their children as athletes when they really aren’t. They allegedly presented their daughters as crew recruits despite the fact that neither girl is known to have ever played the sport.

Unlike Sloane, Loughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty and have opted to fight the charges against them. They have also rejected plea deals offered to them that would have minimized their time in prison if convicted. Now, if they are, in fact, convicted of the crime, they are expected to get pretty hefty prison sentences and could even be looking at decades behind bars. The fact that Sloane, who committed a lesser crime and also took a plea deal, still got prison time doesn’t bode well for Loughlin or her husband.

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman was also sentenced earlier this month in connection to the cheating scheme. She was one of the lesser offenders in this case and pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT exam answers corrected. Despite taking a plea deal, she still got 14 days in jail.

Legal expert Vinnie Politan explained what Loughlin will have to do to avoid conviction in this case.

“Felicity Huffman’s sentence means Lori Loughlin is facing much more time if she gets convicted. The two questions in her case are whether a jury will believe USC is really a ‘victim’ in the case, and whether they will believe the government’s star witness, who was the ringleader of the whole scam (and has also pleaded guilty). What the Huffman sentence does is confirm Lori Loughlin’s fears about being sentenced to custody if convicted of anything.”