Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Rocks Bikini To Show Off Jaw-Dropping Lower Body Strength

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez put on an impressive display of balance and lower body strength today, all while rocking a string bikini.

In the most recent post on her Instagram page, the brunette beauty is working out near a beach with a very long resistance band. In one video, she wraps one end of the band around a tree and the other around one leg while lowering it, all while maintaining a raised bridge post. The model was essentially holding all of her weight up with one leg, with the support of her arms.

In the comments, Ainsley advised that this is a great workout for both the legs and the glutes. She recommended doing them for 20 to 25 repetitions on each leg for four rounds, which means that you’d have to do 80 to 100 reps on each leg.

In the second video, she does squats and lunges with the band around her waist, giving viewers a great look at her ripped midsection.

In the comments, fans seemed awestruck by her athletic ability.

“Dang girl you are ripped. You look amazing,” one fan wrote. “Thanks for inspiring the world.”

Ainsley noticed this comment and replied with a show of gratitude.

Others seemed to just be interested in ogling at her body.

“Absolutely ravishing as always,” said a fan.

“You are a beautiful lady ” another infatuated follower added.

A third commenter attested to the fact that her display of physical fitness was indeed jaw-dropping.

“I had to call 9-1-1 to have someone come and help me lift my jaw off the floor,” they wrote. “You are stunning”

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GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS . Drop some ???????????? and save for later! . These are great activation exercises as well! Bands are easily my fave thing to work with when it comes to glutes (Link in bio for the ones I use ????????) I personally prefer volume workouts with more reps but depends on your goals! . Try 20-25 reps each leg and repeat for 4 rounds for a total of 100 reps per leg! ???????? _________ ESPAÑOL ???????? . GLUTEOS Y BANDAS . ¡Estos son excelentes ejercicios de activación! Las bandas son fácilmente mi cosa favorita para trabajar cuando se trata de glúteos (Enlace en bio para las que uso ???????? ) ¡Personalmente prefiero los entrenamientos de volumen con más repeticiones, pero depende de tus objetivos! . ¡Prueba 20-25 repeticiones en cada pierna y repite durante 4 rondas para un total de 100 repeticiones por pierna! ???????? . #legworkout #bandworkout #gluteworkout

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Ainsley regularly posts video workouts on her page, and it’s a surefire way to get these types of comments on her content.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ainsley recently posted a video of herself doing an ab workout outdoors wearing a red-and-blue bikini. In the video, she performed a series of exercises designed to improve core strength. The video currently has close to 30,000 views and almost 700 comments. Several of those comments are filled with effusive praise for Ainsley.

Since Ainsley isn’t just a model but a fitness coach as well, it makes great business sense for her to pack her Instagram posts with lots of information. In an interview with HuffPost, she revealed that it was a conscious decision to do so, even though these posts tend to get fewer likes than the ones where she’s just showing off her enviable bikini body.

But even among the variations of “What a Babe” and “Beautiful,” she often receives comments from people who seem genuinely grateful for the information and “fitspiration” that she shares. Some even claim to have tried the exercises at home and enjoyed them.

“Just completed this ab workout and loved it…” one fan wrote on a recent post. “Love your workouts keep ’em coming.”