Blake Shelton Couldn’t Name Gwen Stefani’s Signature Song

Ethan MillerGetty Images

On September 24, Gwen Stefani talked about Blake Shelton’s inability to pinpoint the title of her signature song when she appeared on The Tonight Show. This happened when host Jimmy Fallon egged the singer-songwriter on during her segment on the NBC show. In fact, she was treated to a video that told the embarrassing tale.

The clip harkened back to when Blake made an appearance not too long ago on The Tonight Show. During his slot, Jimmy had the country singer play a game called “The Name That Song Challenge.” Before he played the clip for her, Gwen was already defending her man of four years, saying to Jimmy that the game “is hard.” She also admitted she had seen the segment when it originally aired, calling Blake’s time on Tonight “amazing.”

Then she laughed as Jimmy explained, “Blake didn’t know [one particular] song and he should have known it.”

The tune was evident after just a few strains of the instrumental track were played. Still, Blake’s face was blank, and so, apparently, was his brain. The song was “Hollaback Girl,” a tune every Gwen Stefani fan knows very well. Jimmy told his band to stop playing after a short while proclaiming, what he was sure would happen very soon.

“All I know is, Blake is in a lot of trouble,” Jimmy said.

The country crooner knew Jimmy was right as he sat on the edge of The Tonight Show set, looking defeated and extremely humiliated.

Since that part of the NBC program was pre-taped, Jimmy suggested that they could edit out Blake’s mistake.

Meanwhile, Blake spoke up about what he felt.

“I came on the show to promote my new album and now I am going to lose everything…everything in my life.”

After the video finished, Gwen was totally understanding. She stated that her boyfriend is “country” and that “he doesn’t listen to,” though she didn’t get to complete her sentence. The rest of the sentence, however, was understood.

As the fashionista chatted with Jimmy early on Tuesday morning, Gwen rocked very long, blond hair parted down the middle. She was wearing a strapless, two-piece black outfit connected by a panel of netting that matched her fishnet stockings. She wore a gold choker paired with a gold “Stefani” necklace and a third cross necklace — the same piece of jewelry she seems to wear for every important occasion.

Her makeup was clean and bright, with her brows perfectly groomed and enhanced and her lashes long and darkened. Her eyeliner was on point and her pout was pale pink — the perfect shade for Gwen’s complexion.

Gwen’s been on the talk show circuit for a few days now, promoting the fresh season of The Voice. On September 23, the “4 in the Morning” hitmaker appeared on Today. During her segment, host Hoda Kotb admitted she was “obsessed” with Blake.

Apparently, Gwen wasn’t upset by that admission either. She actually agreed that Blake is “obsession-worthy.”

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