‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Nearly Spills Out Of A Black Bikini

Anastasiya KvitkoInstagram

Russian bombshell Anastasiya Kvitko is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram with more than 10 million followers. Her latest update to the social media site shows just why she is so well-loved by so many. The buxom brunette frolicked in a teeny black bikini on the beach and nearly spilled out of her ensemble during the process.

Though Anastasiya’s curves have found her internet fame — even earning her the title the “Russian Kim Kardashian” — they originally were a barrier for entry into the modeling world. Undeterred, Anastasiya instead took to social media and has taken Instagram by storm thanks to her sizzling pictures.

The brunette beauty’s recent upload shows a clip of herself walking along the beach. Filled with light sand, palm trees, and a brilliant blue sky, it is a beautiful backdrop reminiscent of paradise. Anastasiya slowly walks towards the camera, wearing a bikini so small she looks ready to spill out.

The bandeau style with the slimmest of spaghetti straps clearly struggles to contain her assets, and the Russian beauty even needs to tug at her bikini top every now and then to keep it in place. Whenever she tugs at the top, she exposes a glimpse of underboob.

The bikini bottom is just as skimpy and leaves little the imagination thanks to its side-straps and thong cut. When Anastasiya turns around, nearly all of her pert posterior is on full display, no doubt to the delight of her fans.

The brunette bombshell finished off the look with long straight hair, huge statement earrings, and sunglasses perched on her head. It can be viewed by going to the stunner’s Instagram Story.

The clip was reminiscent of a post from years ago when she similarly posed in a very skimpy black bikini while at the beach.

The post was so popular that she followed up with a second picture from the photoshoot.

Fans also wondered if the bikini in Anastasiya’s story might be the bikini modeled just days before in a jaw dropping snap, as covered by The Inquisitr.

Anastasiya has such a phenomenal figure that many have wondered if she has help in attaining her killer curves from a surgeon. In fact, a newspaper in Russia made the claim that she had undergone plastic surgery.

“If you compare Anastasiya’s photographs from some years ago to what we see now, you may come to some other conclusions,” the website wrote, via The Daily Mail.

However, the stunner has denied any claims of artificial enhancement.