September 25, 2019
Amy Duggar Reveals Whether She Will Have A Filming Crew On Hand When She Gives Birth To Son

Amy Duggar is no longer a part of reality TV, but she is still close with her famous relatives. She is expecting her first baby with husband, Dillon King, and it sounds like it could be any day now. However, don't expect to see the birth of her son on a special TV episode like her cousins are known for.

The expectant mom is 38 weeks along in her pregnancy now and it looks like she is more than ready to meet her little guy. Amy has been put on bed rest until the baby decides to make his entrance into the world. In a funny Instagram post that she sent out on Wednesday afternoon, the Duggar cousin compared herself to Phoebe in Friends. She posted a photo of the sitcom character sipping on a chocolate drink from a straw as she was lying on the floor. The iconic character, played by Lisa Kudrow, was pregnant with triplets, but still had no baby bump showing just yet.

Amy Duggar, on the other hand, posted a snap of herself above the other one with her 38-week baby bump in full view. She was trying to duplicate the same scenario, only the 32-year-old is seen sipping from a very large drink from Chick-Fil-A.

As the fan comments were coming in, Amy was asked by one of them if the birth of her son will be aired on her family's reality show, Counting On. She didn't exactly say that she was no longer a part of the show, but she did respond with a solid no.
"Nahhh no thank you! It's a private event lol. No cameras need to see all of that."
The former reality star has her own way of doing things, which are different than the rest of the Duggars, and she is just fine with that.

Amy has been put on bed rest until the baby comes. The Inquisitr had previously detailed a few days ago that she had gone to the hospital because she was having some intense contractions. They sent her home as she wasn't dilated at all and is now resting up until the real labor starts. That also means that she has others taking over for her at the clothing shop that she owns. Amy still has two more weeks until her due date on October 9.

Amy and Dillon chose the name Daxton Ryan for their son. They announced it earlier in her pregnancy when they were on vacation with Amy's mother, Deanna Duggar. It won't be long now before they hold their newborn in their arms.

Even though Amy Duggar is not a part of Counting On, she does keep fans updated on Instagram. Once she goes into labor, she will likely let everyone know.