Billie Eilish Gets Schooled By Woody Harrelson Before ‘SNL’ Bows For The Season 45 Premiere

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Hitmaker Billie Eilish is set as the musical guest for the Season 45 premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Woody Harrelson. The 17-year-old phenom is new to the NBC late-night show and so she tapped Woody as the person to usher her around SNL‘s New York City digs on September 25, three days before the show goes live.

Although the clip showing Billie’s initiation serves as a promo for the program, the skit that was written for advertising purposes could have been fodder for a skit used during air time.

As the video opens, the “Bury A Friend” singer is seen entering the entrance to NBC Studios as she quips, “It’s my first day at SNL.” Billie is carrying a backpack as if she is starting her first day at school. Upon entering, she spots Harrelson, who is carrying a skateboard.

“New kid? he inquires, boasting that he anchored the show in 1989, 1992, and 2014 before bragging, “I know my way around this place.”

“That’s cool. I was not alive for most of that,” remarks Billie.

They start to survey the territory when they come across Kenan Thompson — who Woody introduces as “Jason” — claiming “he’s new here.”

Kenan seems offended, saying who he is and that he has been at SNL for 16 years. He then confronts Woody, stating, “We actually met last time when you.” Billie’s tour guide breaks into Kenan’s explanation, offering a “Good to see you, Conan” as he continues along his way with his new student.

While carrying a huge tray of cupcakes, Heidi Gardner tells Harrelson and Eilish that she hopes they will vote for her as SNL class president. Then, Michael Che and Colin Jost try to scare Eilish with their characters, who act and dress like loser jock bullies.

At the end of the short video, Melissa Villaseñor is seen holding auditions for this week’s SNL host. Woody says he has the job so she says she will move on and audition hopefuls for the musical guest spot. At that point, it’s Billie’s turn to say she has that job. Melissa shoots back, “That’s totally fair. You’re brand-new and [you] didn’t even audition to be a musical guest.”

Billie, who has been called unpredictably predictable, tends to inspire others with her voice while flaunting fashion statements that are far from the standard rocker’s fare. For her SNL promo, Billie wore a long-sleeved, front-zippered alphabet shirt that fully covered the teen’s upper body. Her black hair was highlighted in green strands that covered her center part and her super-long nails were painted with neutral beige polish.

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After Billie and Woody hold court on the hit NBC show on Saturday, Phoebe Walker-Bridge of Fleabag fame will host while Taylor Swift entertains on October 5.

Meanwhile, catch Billie Eilish, Woody Harrelson, and all the “not ready for prime time” players during the Season 45 premiere of SNL on Saturday, September 28, at 11:30 p.m. EDT.