Newly-Single Maya Jama Sizzles In Tie-Dye Bikini While Snacking On Watermelon Poolside

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Maya Jama is back in the news. The British television presenter has already made The Inquisitr‘s headlines for her newly-single status, as the 25-year-old split from rapper boyfriend Stormzy in August. It looks like Maya has taken to the single life with full force, with a new Instagram snap of the star making the Daily Mail‘s headlines today. Maya has been vacationing in Florida – anyone who’s lived in Britain will understand the need for a sunny getaway.

Maya’s Instagram photo showed her looking sensational. The brunette was photographed in a lush outdoor setting where she was posing by the poolside. Maya was definitely dressed for the water, as she was seen in a fun, summery, and upbeat bikini with a tie-dye color scheme, although the two-piece appeared to be mismatched. While the briefs boasted blue shades, the upper was a mixture of pink and yellow. Regardless, the look was a great one, with Maya’s sensational figure on full display. Fans saw the star’s long and toned legs, curvy hips and flat stomach, and a healthy dosage of cleavage.

Maya posed for her photo with a carefree feel and a big smile, and the food she was holding offered plenty more to look at. The star was snapped holding a bowl of freshly-cut watermelon in one hand, with the other holding a chunk – indeed, the Daily Mail did report that she was in the middle of a snack.

The update appeared to prove a giant hit, racking up over 160,000 likes in just nine hours. Maya was left plenty of comments that touched on everything from the fun vibe and her great look to the watermelon.

Maya’s super-fit body is definitely a talking point for her fans. This is one star who works out and eats right – the watermelon in today’s post seemed to be living proof of the latter. Maya has spoken out about keeping fit and healthy, as a previous interview with Women’s Health Mag gave her the chance to speak for herself.

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There’s no rules ????

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“It’s difficult with the job I have – I can’t schedule workouts in advance, I have to grab them when I can, so I want to use that training time wisely,” Maya said.

“Alice [Liveing, Maya’s personal trainer] has taught me that it’s the quality of your sessions that counts, not how long you’re in the gym for.”

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.. back to the island???? ????????

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While Maya did admit to not being fully confident with her physique, she did seem to showcase her sense of humor in the interview.

“If you’re wearing a bodycon dress and pose in it and push your hips out, you’re going to have an hourglass figure. I know what I’m doing!” she said.

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