Cubs’ Video Assistant Takes Second In Team Bunting Contest

Chicago Cubs’ video assistant Nate Halm took second place in the team’s second annual bunting contest. The only player who did better than Halm was reigning champion David DeJesus.

The bunting contest included 64 participants and was played on Sunday. Halm beat Edwin Jackson in the semi-finals to meet David DeJesus in the finals.

Cubs’ manager Dale Sveum says players shouldn’t be embarrassed losing to a video assistant. After all, Halm used to be a “professional player. He played overseas, and in college.”

Before becoming the Cubs video assistant, Halm played college baseball at Miami of Ohio and professionally in Munich. Maybe now he’ll get a second shot at the big leagues. The Cubs needs a replacement with Matt Garza starting the season on the DL.

In total, 62 of the 64 players in the bunt contest were players. A number of them were rooting for Halm as he tried to pull off a spring training Cinderella story. Had Halm won, he would have taken home the $3,400 first prize and a championship belt. Sveum humorously noted before the finals the Halm could “use the money.”

David DeJesus proudly donned the belt in front of his peers after winning. After the event he admitted to being impressed with Halm’s performance.

Nate Halm took the loss in stride. Knowing the humor in the situation he remarked, “it was a great ride.”

Remarkably enough, Halm even wasn’t supposed to be a part of the ride. He was a last minute addition in a 16 player bracket that included Cubs President Theo Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer.

Now it’s back to being a Cubs’ video assistant for Nate Halm. His day job in Chicago is to edit player tape in the video room for study and review. It’s not the flashiest job in the world, but he seems content with his 15 minutes of fame.

Are you impressed that a staff employee was able to beat every Cub but David DeJesus in a bunting contest?