WWE News: Popular Superstar Posts Comeback Video Promising His Return

Even though he's been gone for a while, fans will surely not forget about him.

Superstars gather together for a WWE promotional poster.

Even though he's been gone for a while, fans will surely not forget about him.

There are lots of big things happening in WWE right now, and a lot of it has to do with the yellow-and-black brand of NXT. The brand premiered last week on the USA Network, as they are now another televised show for the company, and superstars are very excited. Unfortunately, one of the most popular stars wasn’t able to be there due to injury and many have wondered if he’d ever be able to wrestle again at all.

Not only does he hope to be able to wrestle again, millions of fans are also hoping they will see Tommaso Ciampa back in the ring before too long.

The last time that Ciampa was in the ring was in February when the former NXT Champion revealed he was seriously injured. In March of 2019, he had to relinquish his title as it was time for him to undergo neck surgery, which actually ended up being anterior cervical fusion.

Fans who have followed along with him on social media have watched him work out and progress nicely, but it still isn’t known when he will wrestle again. Despite not having a comeback date set by himself or doctors, Ciampa is making sure that no one forgets about him.

On Wednesday, Ciampa hopped on his official Twitter account to post a video promoting his return. Sure, we may still not know when it is going to take place, but the good news is that it is going to happen at all.

Back in July, Sports Illustrated reported that Ciampa was already ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation and progress after surgery. There was no word given on when he could get back in the ring, but him advancing in his rehab is something that is promising for all of those involved.

Ever since that time, Ciampa has posted more on Twitter and Instagram to show fans he is still working hard. The new vignette posted on Wednesday proves that he has no intention of giving up even though some “experts” believe he should retire from the ring.

With NXT moving off of the WWE Network, a huge page has been turned for the brand. There are AEW stars such as Kenny Omega who believe that no one in NXT is up to his level, as reported by The Inquisitr, but Ciampa would likely have something to say about that.

Tommaso Ciampa has had an amazing career in WWE and NXT, so far, but there is so much more for him to do. Everyone kept wondering when he would receive his permanent call-up to the main roster, but injuries have plagued him in the last few years. With NXT now appearing on television, he may end up wanting to be a lifer for the yellow-and-black brand when he returns from this latest setback.