Fitness Model Chantel Zales Wears Skimpy Lingerie And Delivers Some Motivation To Her Instagram Followers

Chantel ZalesInstagram

Chantel Zales is looking great, and trying to make her Instagram followers feel great, too.

The fitness model took to the social media site this week to share a racy series of pictures of herself rocking some incredibly revealing pink lingerie, which barely contained all of her curves. The Instagram snaps were accompanied by some words of motivation aimed at her millions of followers.

“Your next 4 months are going to be better than your last 8 months,” Chantel wrote.

Many fans felt blessed by the pictures themselves. They earned thousands of likes and all manner of supportive comments, with many taking the time to compliment the model for the revealing looks.

“So stunning young lady,” one person wrote.

Others commended Chantel for getting back to regularly sharing pictures on Instagram after some spotty sharing from the model.

“Welcome back to posting! I’m here for it,” one fan commented.

Chantel Zales has already become one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram, thanks to her penchant for sharing plenty of revealing pictures. She has a following of more than 4.1 million people, and in doing so has helped to build a small fortune for herself.

Chantel’s Instagram page is filled with posts sponsored by fashion and swimwear companies, with each of those posts likely earning Chantel five figures. Social media experts say that Instagram influencers generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, so Chantel has the ability to make north of $40,000 — for every single posts she makes.

The money has really added up. The fitness and bodybuilding website Generation Iron listed her among the top-earning fashion models in the world, estimating that her personal net worth is around $4.4 million.

Though Chantel doesn’t have the backing of one of the modeling giants like Victoria’s Secret, that could be to her advantage. As online marketing expert Joe Gagliese told Vox in a 2018 report on social media influencers, many companies would rather spread out their advertising budget in smaller increments on Instagram models like Chantel than give huge sums to big-name celebrities and athletes.

“We actually believe influencers are more impactful than athletes and TV stars because they are more relatable and so their audience is more tapped in,” he said. “So it’s like, why pay a celebrity $50 million for a deal when that can be split up among influencers and make real impact?”

Those who want to see more from Chantel Zales can check out her Instagram page.