2 Men Undergo Leg Amputations After Alleged Hate Crime Outside LA Strip Club

Two men had their legs amputated after an attack outside a Los Angeles strip club in an incident police say may have been a hate crime motivated by racism.

The argument at the LA strip club early on Sunday spilled outside, where a man plowed his car into two other men. Police said the attack happened at about 3:30 am in the parking lot of Sam’s Hofbrau, a strip club at 1751 East Olympic Boulevard.

This story broke just as news of another possible Los Angeles hate crime has been making news. Two Compton men face federal charges for reportedly trying to force African-Americans to leave the part of the Los Angeles suburb that the Compton 155 gang claims as its own. A federal indictment said that the gang uses the term N.K. for “N***** Killers,” which they shouted at African-American residents.

The suspect in the strip club hate crime reportedly rammed the men with his white BMW, trapping the men against a black Mini-Cooper. The car, which belongs to one of the strip club’s employees, was pinned against a nearby wall. Police said the suspect then sat in the driver’s seat for a while with his head slumped until he was eventually placed under arrest.

Police said the African-American man suspected of driving the BMW made racial comments to the victims, who were described as Hispanic.

The man was charged on suspicion of attempted murder and drunk driving. It was not announced if hate crime charges were being added to the list after the strip club attack.

The men had to undergo leg amputations as a result of the suspected strip club hate crime. One of the victims had his right leg amputated above the knee and the other man had both of his legs amputated above the knee, Los Angeles police said. Doctors are reportedly trying to repair their injuries so the legs could be re-attached.