Nikita Dragun Twins With Mother In Yellow Leather Pants & Video Breaks 1.7M Views

Morgan LiebermanGetty Images

Transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun took to Instagram late last night to share a fun video of herself twinning with her 52-year-old mother.

The steamy video featured Nikita and her mother rocking matching pairs of canary yellow leather bottoms and white crop tops.

The video kicked off with Nikita and her mother holding hands and swinging their arms as they flashed smiles at each other while strutting their stuff down the street.

While the duo rocked the same outfits, cosmetics, accessories, and hairstyles, Nikita’s top was noticeably more revealing than what her mother was wearing. Nikita’s top was hardly a top at all as it featured a huge cut-out at the bottom that left her curvy bosom completely exposed as it revealed she was wearing a matching canary yellow bikini top underneath.

On her Instagram stories, Nikita shared a few brief video clips of her time with her mother as she revealed just how alike they looked in their matching outfits. One close-up video of Nikita and her mother’s face revealed they were rocking the same gorgeous curly platinum blonde hair. They had the same necklaces and the same jewelry. They even sported similar eye liner and matching eyebrows. Nikita’s lip color and eye liner, however, was noticeably bolder and thicker than that of her mother.

One of the older video clips on her Instagram Ssories featured herself and her mom sitting on the hood of Nikita’s vehicle, which was the same color as their matching pants. During the clip, Nikita turned and bent over to flaunt how incredible her curvy backside looked in the snug leather pants. Her mother, however, sized the moment as an opportunity to spank her daughter.

It appeared as if mama Dragun may have spanked her a little on the hard side as the clip ended with Nikita nursing her sore booty with both of her hands.

In the comment section of the video, Nikita continued to gush about her love for her mother.

“i can’t believe after all my surgeries i somehow still look like my moms twin i love this woman so much i’m so lucky.”

Most were quick to praise the video as being the ultimate “mother and daughter goal.”

Some of her followers became overwhelmed with a video featuring what appeared to be two Nikita Draguns.

With over 5.5 million followers, it comes as no surprise that the twinning video was well-received. In a little over 12 hours, the video had been viewed over 1.7 million times with over 10,000 of her fans dropping in to leave a comment.