Erica Mena Reveals She Had Plastic Surgery As She Debuts Her Self-Proclaimed ‘Beyond Amazing’ Breasts

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Erica Mena’s fans know that she’s not exactly shy about sharing revealing photos of herself on Instagram. So her newest selfie may not be a huge surprise, as she showed off her chest in a topless shot.

The photo showed Mena taking the selfie with her right arm, which was extended in front of her. At the same time, she placed her left arm in front of her chest to censor herself. She wore her hair down in curls, which she pulled in front of her left shoulder.

Mena smiled with her lips slightly parted, while rocking a pair of sparkly earrings. She also wore a pair of white pants or shorts, which were mostly see-through because they were made of a mesh fabric.

Mena was also not shy about revealing the source of her “amazing” cleavage, as she tagged a plastic surgeon in the captions. The doctor revealed in an Instagram update on his page that Mena got the Allergan Silicone Soft Touch Breast Implants.

So far, the photo has been liked over 15,000 times in the first 40 minutes since it went live.

This new update also led to some conflicting opinions among fans, which were kicked off by one follower’s short comment.

“Way to encourage the young girls to be natural,” they said.

Most of the responses to the comment were defensive of Mena, as people argued about her influence on young fans.

“It’s not [Erica’s] job to raise you peoples children. If your child is raised to love themself no amount of social media will make them want to change, because it’s already instilled in them,” said a fan.

“Keep your children off her page. She’s talking to grown ass women,” said another fan.

Others were busy promoting pregnancy rumors, which have been rife on her social media page for weeks.

“Pregnant? I hope so if so,” said a fan.

In other news, Mena also revealed an upcoming meet-and-greet that she’ll be holding on September 28. She’ll be at the Dallas Black Expo, so fans can head there to meet the celebrity. She is apparently attending to represent the Exotic Bliss Beauty Products.

The poster for the event featured Mena in a green, low-cut top, as she brushed her short hair behind her left ear. She wore long lashes, shimmery pink eyeshadow, and glossy lipstick. She looked into the distance to her left, and gave a sultry look.

For now, fans can hope for more updates from Mena in the coming days.