Dolly Castro Flashes Cleavage In Snakeskin Outfit & Talks About Setbacks In Life

Dolly CastroInstagram

Dolly Castro has been sharing photos lately from Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and she’s been rocking some eye-catching suits. Her newest Instagram update showed her in a snakeskin ensemble, as she posed next to a sliding glass door.

The model went shirtless under the blazer, which meant that she was able to flaunt her cleavage. The suit was a light gray shade, but Dolly added color to the outfit with gold accessories. This included a pair of gold shoes, along with a pair of gold earrings.

The earrings were hard to miss, and featured a large, pearl-like bead at the top which gave way to a large, gold circle. They featured the Chanel logo, and appeared to be glittery.

Castro kept the Chanel theme rolling with a purse, which she tied around her waist. It was black with a black-and-gold strap.

This photo received over 25,000 likes.

The model encouraged her fans in the captions, and briefly talked about setbacks in life. It’s hard to know what inspired her to share this thought, but it’s not unusual for Dolly to post inspirational captions from time to time.

Fans left plenty of nice compliments for the model in the comment section.

“She’s blessed…. I love that she kept real with her roots…. hispanas,” said a fan, likely referring to the captions, which Dolly wrote in English and in Spanish.

“Boss woman, amazing looks. Very classy,” said another fan.

Others elaborated on the inspirational message.

“Good news is everything is temporary bad news is everything is temporary… is complicated now but it can’t last forever,” said a follower.

“Always so wonderful and with that special and full of happiness that makes you shine more than the stars,” said another follower.

And this isn’t to mention another update from Melrose Avenue, which Dolly posted a couple of days ago.

This photo showed the model rocking another suit set, except this time, it was a light blue-and-white checkered ensemble. The blazer had a loose fit under her chest, while the pants also appeared to be slightly baggy.

Castro posed next to a white stairwell, as she slung a mint-colored purse over her right arm. She smiled widely as she raised her right hand by her face, while placing her left hand on her waist.

The model accessorized with three necklaces, drop earrings, and a glittering Chanel pin on her left lapel.

This update received over 22,000 likes.