Kristina Romanova Flaunts Post-Baby Bod In Lingerie & Hints At A Natural Birth

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Kristina Romanova recently showed off her large, pregnant belly on Instagram while wearing swimwear. And even though it’s only been a few weeks since then, the model is already on social media to show off her post-baby bod. It looks like fans will have to wait to see any photos of the new baby, as the model has kept her pregnancy very private. So far, the only information can be derived from her captions, which hinted at a natural birth.

The photo showed Kristina posing in a bathroom as she took a selfie. She wore a black bra and matching bottoms and popped her right hip slightly. The model wore a towel in her hair and pursed her lips for a coy look.

She kept the black color theme rolling with a black manicure. Her midriff was on full display, and it was apparent that it wasn’t as toned as it usually is. But that’s no surprise, considering that she gave birth recently. How recently, is anyone’s guess.

Behind Romanova, you could see a bathtub and a room divider.

Many of Kristina’s followers took the time to share their congratulations, as well as share their outlook on when people ought to start exercising after giving birth.

“You can start yoga and gentle movements now and increase intensity as your body gets stronger,” suggested a follower.

“40 days is appropriate for starting to exercise I think. But you need to start from some stretching one, not sit-ups. Congratulations!” said another follower.

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Almost one month postpartum ???????? girls, when did you start working out after giving birth? When do you think it’s safe to begin? If it’s natural birth, I believe you should wait for minimum 40 days before starting to exercise. Share your opinions in comments ???????? Почти месяц прошёл, как я родила???????? девочки, когда вы вернулись к занятиям спортом после родов? Как вы думаете, когда безопасно начинать заниматься? Я считаю, если это натуральные роды, то нужно подождать минимум 40 дней. Делитесь своими мнениями в комментариях ???????? #onemonthpostpartum #postpartumbody #postpartum #месяцпослеродов

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Others expressed their surprise at the model having given birth already.

“I thought you are still pregnant now Honestly, I’m surprised. You always look slim but suddenly post pregnant pictures with big tummy and now already almost one month after giving birth. Congratulations for your new baby,” said a fan.

“Why bother? Why not just enjoy bread, pizza and pasta….” suggested another fan.

In addition to the new post, the model posted a series of Instagram stories. The first story was of Kristina showing off a gold watch on her left wrist. You could see her giant wedding ring, along with her brightly-patterned leggings.

Romanova also shared another selfie from a car, as she sported a pair of dark aviators. She wore her hair down in a middle part and rocked a light yellow top. Her dark pink lipstick popped, while she gave a pouty look.

The final story was a video of the landscape as she drove in a car, as she imposed lyrics from “Old Town Road” onto the scenery.