‘Playboy’ Model Rachel Cook Causes A Stir On Instagram With Low-Slung Jeans And Revealing Crop Top

Emma McIntyreGetty Images for Buca di Beppo

Former Playboy model Rachel Cook was feeling philosophical as she posted her latest Instagram post, and her fans loved the vibe she shared. The American brunette bombshell has been getting settled into her new place in Los Angeles over the past few weeks, and it seems she was ready for a bit of reflection on Wednesday morning.

The new Instagram post from Rachel shows her dressed casually and leaning against a low wall with the city of Los Angeles sprawling behind her. In her caption, Cook noted that she had been searching for some thought-provoking questions, and she found something that hit just the right note in her mind.

The question that Rachel posed seemed to get her followers thinking, but it seems it was the sultry look she shared that really generated an immediate reaction from everybody online. Those who follow Cook know that she can make casual outfits look amazing and that was certainly the case here.

Rachel was wearing black denim jeans with a wide black belt cinched around her waist. The jeans hung log on her hips, well below her navel. Cook paired the pants with a cut-up T-shirt that highlighted all of her enticing curves.

As the Playboy model leaned back against the structure behind her, she tilted her head to the side and gave a slight smile. Cook had her brunette locks swept up into a high bun atop her head, and she looked fresh-faced while wearing little to no makeup.

The cut of Cook’s shirt flaunted her flat tummy and hourglass curves. Rachel wore several necklaces, both short and long, to draw everybody’s eyes to the low, slightly revealing, scoop-neck cut she created with this shirt.

The 24-year-old Washington state native has 2.5 million people following her sultry Instagram shots, and this photo quickly generated a lot of engagement. In less than 45 minutes after it was posted, Rachel’s latest look already had nearly 20,000 likes along with more than 100 comments.

“D*mn you are so extremely beautiful,” remarked one of Rachel’s fans.

“Rachel, always bringing the hotness to Instagram,” commented another follower.

It’s not uncommon for Cook to embrace a setting like this for an Instagram-worthy photo. As The Inquisitr detailed not long ago, another one of Rachel’s recent posts showed her in casual workout wear, noting that everybody should make exploring nature a priority. This snap was not only a gorgeous one of Rachel herself, but it also included a stunning scenic background as well.

Rachel Cook has a lot on her plate these days, but she seems to love the new challenges she’s facing. The Playboy bombshell has explained that she’ll be launching a new project that will be dominating her life for a while, but it looks like she doesn’t plan to leave her Instagram fans hanging without regular, sultry snapshots to keep everybody coming back for more.