‘Professional Smokeshow’ Kindly Myers Gets Soaking Wet In Camo Bikini Video

Kindly MyersInstagram

Kindly Myers has delivered a fresh new Instagram update. The ex-soldier, model, and social media sensation is fast racking up the followers on account of her sizzling bikini updates – it looks like the latest one may garner the blonde a few more followers. Kindly’s video today came straight from a pool, with a slow-motion finish definitely making the footage eye-catching.

Kindly’s video today showed her filmed in a nighttime setting and in a lit-up swimming pool. The model hadn’t been filmed in full-length mode. In fact, this video was shot very much close-up, with Kindly captured waist up, with her body turned toward the camera. Although the video didn’t give fans a peek at the blonde’s beautiful face, it still offered plenty to look at. Kindly was seen pouring a can of White Claw seltzer all over herself, with her torso shaking from side to side. Of course, Kindly was rocking her signature two-piece, with the star in a camouflage bikini today. For many fans, the army print makes sense, given that Kindly has a military past.

The video showed the model drenched from the beverage-spilling, with an extra-sexy shake at the end affording an eye-popping view of her fierce assets. A fun caption pointed towards rules and regulations, with the beverage also tagged in the star’s caption.

Kindly’s “professional smokeshow” moniker has already been documented by The Inquisitr. Then again, with videos like the one featured today, this girl almost doesn’t need the introduction.

Kindly is definitely an unusual breed. The star’s military past is a talking point for her fans: Kindly served four years in the National Guard before focusing on health, fitness, and modeling. The model might have a California bombshell vibe, but her roots are as country as they come. Kindly was born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with aspirations that initially appeared sports-centric — Kindly wanted to become a basketball player at the University of Kentucky.

Kindly now seems to delight her fans with swimwear or lingerie updates that showcase her fierce frame and playful side. The model mostly appears alone on her Instagram, although a recent update did see her joined by a girlfriend, with the two posing in cheeky, thong lingerie. That said, she’s not always scantily-clad. Fans saw Kindly rock a stunning red evening dress just this month.

Kindly has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Her bio links fans to her Snapchat – anyone keen to find out more should follow it or her Instagram account.