‘Miss Bikini Model’ 2019 Dare Taylor Sizzles In Metallic Two-Piece At The Sausage Castle

Dare TaylorInstagram

Dare Taylor is back on the ‘Gram. The model and social media sensation, whose “Miss Bikini Model” 2019 moniker has already been documented by The Inquisitr, has posted a new Instagram photo. This one is likely to see the star’s following continue to rise. Dare may not come with the world’s biggest following, but with her updates proving headline-makers, it looks like this brunette is going places.

Dare’s latest photo came with a fun look, plus a fun-sounding geotag. As the photo showed, the star was at The Sausage Castle in Florida. Dare had certainly turned up dressed for the heat. The star was seen in an eye-catching bikini on Wednesday, with loud metallics definitely drawing the eye. Dare’s two-piece was bright purple – and while this bikini wasn’t the tiniest, it was likely doing the trick for her followers. Dare was photographed on a sports court, holding a ball. In fact, the sporty vibe seemed to have been somewhat injected into her wardrobe, with a pair of pink, black, and white sneakers being joined by a thigh-high pair of socks.

Dare posed for her photo with a lovely smile while one hand played with hair, which was tied into a simple ponytail. The star appeared delicately made up, with a touch of lipstick, plus a little foundation and concealer. A sports-centric caption accompanied the post, with fans being encouraged to head over to the star’s bio to find out more.

Fans of the star’s Instagram will know that she’s a cosplay queen, and Disney properties seem to be a particular favorite with Dare. Cosplay in general is something that the star has spoken out about during a past interview with Vocal.

“Cosplay, in my definition, is self-expression by creating your costume and showing the people around you at the event your love for the character. I truly love the process in creating my costumes, it’s my favorite part, second to showing the costume at the event,” she told the media outlet.

The interview also saw Taylor reveal her aspirations to become an actress – while this star has a way to go, she does seem to have her eyes set on Hollywood.

“Yes, I am a full-time model, and trying to become a full-time actress. But I have so many other aspirations it’s hard to define myself, I guess. I just really have a love of the creative side of cosplay, it’s my idea and concept for a costume,” she added.

Fans wishing to see more of Dare should follow her Instagram account.