Who Does Prince Farming Send Home On 'Bachelor' Premiere? Chris Soules Ditches Eight Ladies On Night One [Spoilers]

Who does Chris Soules, otherwise known as Prince Farming, send home on The Bachelor season premiere on January 5? By the end of the three-hour show, Soules will reportedly send home eight ladies at first rose ceremony, leaving 22 girls hopeful that they will get the final rose.

[Spoilers ahead]

Once all 30 women arrive at the Bachelor mansion — broken up into two groups of 15 — the fun (and the drama) begins. While Chris is busy trying to figure out who will get the first impression rose, contestant Tara Eddings proceeds to get sloppy drunk and risks going home on the first night. WetPaint reports that Tara gets "wasted drunk" on Monday night's premiere — something that isn't all that charming to hunky Prince Farming.

Eddings, a self-proclaimed "sport fishing enthusiast," lets everyone in the mansion know that she has three best friends — Jameson, Johnny Walker, and Jack Daniels. She then proceeds to become so tipsy during the rose ceremony that Chris leaves the room to consult with host Chris Harrison about whether he should let her stay or ditch her.

Is Tara one of the eight ladies who the Bachelor sends home on Monday night? Fans who love spoilers would love to know if Tara got the boot, but blogger Reality Steve states that he is not 100 percent sure. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Steve seems to be a little too pre-occupied with a female friend lately, so his episode-by-episode spoilers lack many of the details that fans have come to expect.

What Steve does seem to know is that Bachelor Chris will send home eight ladies at the end of the three-hour live season premiere. His best guess as to who goes home on the Bachelor premiere are Reegan, Tara, Mackenzie, Michelle, Juelia, Nicole, Bo, and Kara. If he is correct, then it's likely Tara was sent home because she was sloppy drunk — or simply because Chris wasn't attracted to her. Or both?

Are you excited to watch Prince Farming's journey to find a wife? Tune in to watch The Bachelor starring Chris Soules on Monday, January 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Find out how to watch the popular reality show live online via ABC's live stream here.

[Image: ABC]