‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Spreads Her Legs In The Pool, Then Wears A Sexy Black Slingshot

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In the caption for her latest Instagram post, Russian bombshell Nata Lee asked if this was “love” she was feeling. Had she asked her followers, the answer would surely have been a resounding yes.

Just yesterday, the blond beauty posted an incredibly sultry picture wherein she spread her legs while posing in a picturesque pool. One day later, she set Instagram on fire in a sexy black slingshot.

Nata Lee first rose to prominence due to both her incredible good looks as well as her popularity as a DJ. In fact, she has been called the “World’s Sexiest DJ” by a number of publications, and her 1.7 million Instagram followers would likely agree. She currently works at a club called The View in Phuket.

Though Nata Lee hails from Russia, she has quickly adapted to Thailand, and often posts stunning shots while in a number of tropical locations. The last couple of pictures posted are just two in a long string of such.

In her more recent shot, Nata Lee leans against a doorframe, a large window overlooking lush greenery behind her. Her only piece of clothing is a very revealing black slingshot swimsuit. The leg cuts all the way up past her belly button to her waist, showing off an unbelievable amount of skin.

Her hips are nearly on full display, leaving little of her hourglass shape unrevealed. Though slingshots are reminiscent of the ’80s, Nata Lee’s has a modern take with its neckline, which features a high-neck halter top.

To complete the look, Nata Lee’s blonde locks are styled into beachy waves, and she shyly looks down for the sultry shot.

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Is this love I’m feeling? Photo: @mavrin

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The picture quickly earned over 130,000 likes and more than 1,130 comments.

“Sooo hot, babe!!!” one fan proclaimed, with two fireworks emoji.

“Stunning!!!!!!” added another, with six heart-eyes faces to show his admiration.

“Wasn’t ready for this,” joked a third, with a fire emoji added.

However, fans should have been ready considering her post just the day before. In the triple picture update, Nata Lee poses in a white belted bathing suit on the ledge of a luxurious pool. The pool looks to be in the tropical jungle, and overlooks the ocean.

In the first picture, Nata Lee perches on the ledge of the pool, relaxing as she puts her hand to her hair. In the second, she shows off the full figure of her body by leaning against the edge. The last, and most revealing, has Nata Lee spread her legs and straddle the ledge.

The picture quickly won over 113,500 likes and more than 620 comments.

“Beautiful view and beautiful lady,” one fan sighed.

“Unreal,” added another, with a fire emoji.

In another sultry shot, Nata Lee recently posted a picture of her derriere at the beach, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.