Kate Beckinsale Turns Heads In Leopard-Print Leggings So Tight, It’s Like They’re Painted On

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Kate Beckinsale has been turning heads. The Pearl Harbor actress now solidly finds herself as one of those 45-plus Hollywood starlets whose gym body gets noticed. With a ripped frame and muscles galore, Kate seems to have earned her slot in that category. The gym outings for this actress are regular, with photos obtained by The Daily Mail yesterday appearing to be proof of it.

Photos showed Kate leaving a gym in Beverly Hills, California. The star appeared to have made a low-key affair of being chased by the paparazzi. While an image did show the actress making direct eye contact with the camera, the body language didn’t seem out to make a fuss. As to Kate’s outfit, it was gym appropriate, sizzling, and definitely as tight as it gets. The star was snapped in a pair of leopard-print and spandex leggings, and these were so clingy, they almost appeared painted on. The brunette’s super-strong and toned legs were on display via the tight lowers, with fans also seeing Kate’s trim and toned upper body. Here, the star was clad in a simple white tank top bearing the Nike logo, with a second and slightly smaller pink tank layered above it.

Kate accessorized her ensemble with heeled leather boots for a statement finish, with dark shades and a handbag completing the look.

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Kate’s fitness is something else. The actress has an Instagram account that showcases just how hard she pushes herself as Kate isn’t just about the selfies showing off the results. Impressive weight-training videos have been posted, with a rather amusing one earlier this year showing Kate squatting with weights over a toilet, per The Inquisitr.

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The killer body isn’t just down to sweat sessions, though. Kate’s nutrition is up there with her workouts – something that the actress opened up about back in 2017. Speaking to Shape, Kate showed that she’d bucked the trend in terms of diet as not many stars talk about quitting a vegetarian lifestyle.

“I was a vegetarian for a really long time because I am incredibly squeamish about meat. But when I was filming Pearl Harbor, I didn’t have enough energy, and the trainer I was working with at the time said ‘You’ve got to start eating chicken and fish.’ So I did, and that helped me,” she told the magazine.

The interview did also mention workouts.

“Working out is basically nature’s antidepressant. I start out absolutely dreading it, do an incredibly punishing workout, b**** about it the whole time, and end up feeling 100 percent better when I leave,” Kate said about training.