‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Stuns Sharon

Francis SpeckerCBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, September 25 brings a shocking move from Adam when Sharon puts it all on the line. Plus, Billy gets some professional help in the midst of his crises.

Adam (Mark Grossman) makes a big move, according to SheKnows Soaps. Adam returned to Genoa City, in part, because he believed Sharon (Sharon Case) even before he could remember her. He stunned her a few weeks back by asking for Sharon’s hand in marriage. While she is not at all willing to give up her life, family, and friends in town to live a life somewhere else with Adam, Sharon is willing to stand beside Adam and be his friend and conscience if he’ll do one thing. Step up for Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

However, Sharon’s friendship isn’t enough for Adam. He’s lonely, heartbroken, and all alone. Even at such a low place, Adam is not willing to settle for less than all of Sharon. Instead of welcoming her inside while he’s in such a dark place, Adam sends his ex-wife away. Perhaps Adam is making a mistake, and that would be one of many mistakes he’s made in recent months. As for Victoria, it does not look like she will receive any help from her brother.

Elsewhere, Billy (Jason Thompson) gets a new perspective when he sees his therapist, portrayed by Sandra Thigpen. Several weeks ago, Billy saw his therapist, but he didn’t think she helped him much. However, after his recent breakthrough, which The Inquisitr reported, Billy feels that he has a better handle on everything that the experienced. Billy lets the counselor know that he felt like he was two people, and didn’t even remember what the other part of himself had done. At this point, Billy feels he’s overcome his demons, and now he’s moving forward in his healing process by seeing a professional. Although things are crazy with Victoria right now, there is some hope that eventually Billy will be whole and happy.

Finally, Devon (Bryton James) lets Elena (Brytni Sarpy) know that Amanda Sinclaire (Mishael Morgan) looks like Hilary’s twin. Elena agrees with Devon that somebody is likely playing a mean spirited trick on him to throw him off his game and scam him out of the fortune that his late grandmother, Katherine Chancellor, left him in her will several years ago. Both Devon and Elena still believe that Victor (Eric Braeden) passed away, and they also worry about what to do about her upcoming birthday.