Jamie Lynn Spears Resembles Big Sister Britney After Getting Her Hair Styled On Instagram

Michael Loccisano & Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Jamie Lynn Spears treated her 1.7 million Instagram followers to a fun high-speed video that featured herself getting her hair styled to the song “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. on Tuesday afternoon.

As those who scrolled down Jamie’s profile have seen, the video clip thumbnail showcases Spears sitting in a salon chair while rocking a pink and black tiger-striped smock. The photo also contains her stylist standing behind her with tools in hand and her daughter on her lap as she sports an adorable pair of ponytails on top of her head.

Jamie was flashing a huge smile with her head tilted back slightly as the thumbnail was clearly taken early on in the styling process.

While Jamie doesn’t have nearly as large of an Instagram following as her big sister Britney, her video was still well-received by her own fans. In just over 12 hours, the video was viewed over 60,000 times, with just shy of 100 people taking the time to drop in and leave a comment.

As those who watch the entire video clip know, the very end features Jamie Lynn holding the camera over her head as she zooms in on her face flaunting her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and freshly styled curly locks.

At that moment, the younger Spears sister bore an uncanny resemblance to Britney — especially in terms of their eyes.

In fact, one of Jamie’s followers commented on the video just an hour after it was published calling attention to how much she looked like her big sister. This particular comment has been liked several times by some of her other followers.

“Crazy the close up looked just like Britney lol! You both have those pretty eyes,” the follower penned.

While there weren’t too many other mentions of her sister in the comment section of her video, a few were quick to ask if she knew anything about Britney’s well-being.

“U should be more concern about Britney and her well being,” one follower suggested.

“Jamie what’s up with your sister britney it seems they are controlling her, help her please do something,” said another.

The overwhelming majority of her followers that took time to comment on the video, however, were more interested in sharing their thoughts on the clip and on Jamie’s hairstyle.

Many commended her on how “beautiful,” “perfect,” and “pretty” she looked by the end of the video. She even had a few adoring fans that declared their love for her, including some who admitted they’d had a crush on her for a long time.

Jamie did have a few followers that weren’t huge fans of the video because the blurred quick-moving images made them “dizzy.”

A few hours after sharing the video on her profile, she also took to her Instagram stories to announce that she was having a little fun as she took a break from doing laundry.

The short clips featured Jamie having fun with photo filters as she spent time with her daughter, Ivey. During a clip that used a purple-tinted filter, Jamie captioned the photo joking that she was a “cool mom” as she posed with Ivey and kissed her forehead.

In terms of social media activity, Jamie Lynn has steadily teased her followers with Zoey 101-related content since news broke regarding the upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot.