Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Shorts So Short, Her Inner Pockets Are Showing

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Emily Ratajkowski shared a new Instagram update today, and it featured her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard and their dog, Colombo. Fans have come to know and love the model’s fur baby, who makes an appearance here and there.

And while the photo had a lot going on, there were plenty of fans that were distracted by Emily’s good looks, as she sported a pair of shorts so small, that the inner pockets peeked through.

Ratajkowski seemingly nailed a casual, chic look, which also included a gray t-shirt, which she rolled up at the sleeved and tucked into her shorts. She held a bottle in her left hand while holding her jean jacket. Meanwhile, she accessorized with a brown belt. At the same time, she wrapped Colombo’s leash around her waist and pointed at a large ceramic sculpture to her right.

It turned out that Colombo had a modeling gig of his own, as Ratajkowski’s friend used his likeness for an art show. The artist created several jars, one which was peach with two handles on the sides. It read “Pedigree” in white font, with Colombo’s face painted on.

Sebastian was spotted to Emily’ right and also pointed at the jar. He smiled with his lips closed and rocked a black t-shirt and a pair of bright blue pants.

Fans had plenty to say about the photo, both about the dog and about the model.

“You’re living in 2036 with that leash set up,” joked a fan.

“Forget about Colombo Em. You look lovely… and those legs!” said another fan.

Others seemed to agree with the fan and focused on Emily’s looks.

“I don’t wanna sound like a creeper but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes upon. That’s a fact,” said a follower.

“Wow love them legs yummy honey,” said another follower.

But that’s not to say that absolutely everyone was on board with the update. One Instagram user, in particular, had a bone to pick with Emrata.

“Hello, I don’t want to be rude but I honestly don’t understand why you keep calling Colombo your son. I love dogs and have had many myself but I wonder how you’ll name your futurr the same applies for a girl,” they said.

Whatever the case, fans who like Colombo can hope that he’ll continue to make more appearances on the model’s social media page. Just recently, Emily shared a video and photo of her outing with her dog, as they enjoyed a walk on a sunny day.

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