‘Sports Illustrated’ Bombshell Brooks Nader Gyrates Hips In Silver Bikini For Seductive New Video

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Sports Illustrated bombshell Brooks Nader made some waves on Instagram on Tuesday in a sultry video posted by the magazine’s official Instagram page. In the clip, the brunette beauty is shaking her hips in the ocean as she gives the camera a smoldering stare, all while wearing a silver bikini with a cold-shoulder neckline.

The video appears to have been a hit with Sports Illustrated’s Instagram followers. As of writing, the clip has accumulated close to 90,000 views and lots of comments as well. Some of those comments are from fellow Sports Illustrated models.

“What a woman,” wrote Dutch bombshell Robin Holzken.

” Hubba hubba,” American swimsuit Model Olivia Brower added.

But some non-famous admirers showed their support in the comments as well.

“Goddess,” wrote one fan.”

Another penned what sounds like a very oddly worded marriage proposal.

“Wife me up Brooks Nader,” they requested.

A third fan compared her to a celestial being.

“An actual angel among us,” they wrote.

The brunette stunner often gets this type of attention on her Instagram page, where she regularly posts gorgeous photos of herself.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, she recently shared an image where she’s wearing an oversized black blazer with her lacy bra clearly visible. She paired the look with a pair of bright yellow heels and is confidently strutting in the photo. In the caption, she jokes about forgetting her pants, but her fans didn’t seem to mind one bit.

She got comments that were very similar to the ones that were written under that video of her on Sports Illustrated‘s page.

Brooks was one of the finalists of Sports Illustrated’s model search this year which earned her a coveted spot in the magazine. In an interview with SI.com, the Louisiana native opened up about the process and why she felt a little intimidated by it.

“Normally confidence is not a problem for me but when I saw all the beautiful girls that tried out and really got to know them as people, I knew it wouldn’t be easy!” she said. “I never dreamed I would make it this far!”

She also revealed that she hopes to one day change the fashion world’s notion of the body types they associate with runway modeling. Brooks disclosed that she had previously been told that she didn’t have the body type to walk the runway but she has since done so during Miami Swim Week for Sports Illustrated.

“After being told many times that I could never do runway, it was so liberating to strut my stuff on the runway in Miami with SI Swimsuit!” she said.