Instagram Hottie Blu Gem Exposes Underboob In Tiny Crop Top With Super Zoomed-In Shot

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Instagram hottie Blu Gem shared a sultry photo with her fans a couple of days ago that was all about her chest. It was preceded by two other photos, where she showed off her outfit from head-to-toe.

The photo in question was a zoomed-in shot of her chest, with her face mostly cropped out. It showed her rocking a cut-out bodysuit, her chest falling out of the opening. The outfit was white with thick black straps and also featured the word “Bae” in a black cursive font, with a line drawn underneath.

Blu pursed her lips for a seductive shot, also revealing her extra-large, thin, gold hoop earrings.

Another photo, which was taken by someone else, showed Gem standing inside a house. She popped her right hip and showed off the rest of her outfit. This included a pair of black leggings with a white cursive font.

Blu placed her left hand on her hip, rocking a pair of sandals with clear straps. She kept the color theme rolling with a white manicure and black pedicure. This photo also showed that Blu was wearing a black visor. She also wore her hair down and looked to her left with a sassy expression on her face. Behind the model, one could see a large wall clock with a yellow face along with a kitchen.

This photo received over 8,800 likes. And fans had plenty of nice things to say about Gem between the two photos.

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The zoomed-in shot led to many followers simply leaving fire emoji as comments, while others had more to say.

“Is it wild that the first thing I notice is your lips??” asked a fan.

“Lips and chest to much you killing me,” said another user.

In addition, the photo of Blu standing up elicited enthusiastic responses from followers.

“I need you right now.. No one compares… I’m in the 305..let me know and enjoy your stay Miss you lots!!!” said a follower.

“U always look amazing but that *amn caption! Took me outta here! Keep shinning sis,” said another.

“Hey saw u on ocean drive last night didn’t realize until just now,” a fan said, although it’s hard to know if they really did see Blu or not.

Gem’s fans can likely look forward to more sultry photos in the coming days. She’s certainly proved to her 518,000 fans that she’s not afraid to be bold as she routinely showcases herself freely on social media.