Lyna Perez Squirts Whip Cream All Over Herself In A Tiny Bikini

Lyna Perez takes a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna Perez likely has her fans in a tizzy. The model and social media sensation tends not to update her Instagram too often – then again, with the platform’s stories appearing to be used by the model, fans keen on seeing what Lyna is up to don’t have to wait three or four days to find out what’s going on. Lyna has updated her stories with some fun content, although the girl whose Instagram bio introduces her as spending most of her time in a bikini didn’t fall short on delivering her trademark look.

Lyna’s story showed her filmed outdoors and in full sunlight. The model appeared in front of a table with a large tub of ice-cream resting on it. Lyna had her hands on more than just one kind of dairy, though. The brunette was holding a can of whip cream in her right hand, with a bit of a party appearing to go on. Of course, fans saw Lyna in the attire that’s made her so famous: Lyna was rocking a miniscule white bikini, with the briefs not visible.

Lyna was seen squirting the cream all over herself, although she did appear to have tasted a bit of it as she squirted some in her mouth. The video further proved entertaining by virtue of some music – this girl lives it up in style.

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When you try & be cute but fail miserably❤️

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Lyna seems to come as an unusual breed in the world of Instagram swimwear faces. Despite having 4.1 million followers, Lyna does not seem to affiliate herself with any brands. A following this healthy more than permits brand partnerships, with models boasting lower followings already acting as powerful influencers: Australian model Abby Dowse and fellow Aussie Tarsha Whitmore front Fashion Nova and Oh Polly, respectively. Lyna, meanwhile, seems to live her life as a swimwear face for the sheer pleasure of it.

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When is a bikini too small?????????‍♀️

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As to food, there’s been plenty of that on Lyna’s account. A recent image showed the brunette feeding herself grapes in a bikini; it isn’t all frozen treats for this super-fit star. A popular video did, however, take Lyna down the full meal route, with the star seen chowing down on food as she listened to Nicki Minaj.

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Grapes or melons?????????‍♀️

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Lyna’s recent story did follow a pattern, though. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Lyna took to the platform while baking cupcakes.

This star’s fanbase may largely be formed of members of the general public, but Lyna has attracted a celebrity following. The star’s Instagram is followed by “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B.