Andrew Yang Voices Support For Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Scott EisenGetty Images

Just before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that the House would begin formal impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump for allegedly pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, fellow candidate Andrew Yang voiced his support for the process.

“Given the President’s latest actions I think impeachment is the right path forward,” he tweeted.

“Asking foreign leaders for political help in return for aid and then suppressing your own agency’s inquiry is egregious. There have to be limits and Congress is right to act.”

Yang also expressed skepticism that the proceedings would lead to Trump’s impeachment. He highlighted that a successful impeachment requires not just a majority vote in the Democratic-led House but also two-thirds in the Republican-led Senate — the latter of which many agree is unlikely. Regardless, the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur said that moving forward is the best decision and claims it may “unearth new details.”

“Sometimes you do the right thing independent of politics,” he said.

While calls for Trump’s impeachment were ignited by Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, many congressional Democrats remained opposed and believed it would further divide the country. But support has gradually grown among this same group, and the Ukraine scandal appears to have been the push needed to launch proceedings.

Before the announcement of the impeachment proceedings, Pelosi faced criticism by those who supported impeachment. According to independent Justin Amash — who was the first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment — Pelosi’s inaction stemmed from a desire for “power.”

“If there’s one thing Speaker Pelosi wants more than anything, it’s to stay in power,” he said, per Vox.

“You can see what she’s doing, for example, with impeachment. I don’t think it’s a sound strategy, unless she only cares about staying in power and not doing what’s right.”

Yang’s campaign has been steadily rising. In a recent national Emerson poll, he jumped to fourth place with 8 percent support. He also made fourth place in an Emerson California poll with 7 percent support — topping fellow Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris in her own state — and reached fifth place in a recent nationwide Hill-HarrisX poll with 5 percent support.

RealClearPolitics puts Yang is sixth place average in the polls with 3.6 percent support. He is set to appear in the October debates and has reached the donor requirements for the November debate. As for the polling requirements for the November debate, he has hit 3 percent in above in two DNC-approved polls, meaning he needs two more to make the stage officially.