Jenelle Evans Talks Future With ‘Teen Mom 2’: ‘No Doors Have Been Closed’

John LamparskiGetty Images

Earlier this year, MTV cut ties with Jenelle Evans and replaced her on Teen Mom 2 with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline. Lately, though, the mom-of-three has been hinting that her time on the hit MTV reality show isn’t over just yet. In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Jenelle explained that she is still in an “open contract” and that “no doors have been closed.”

In the interview, Jenelle explained that her mom, Barbara Evans, has been reaching out to the producers. Jenelle said her mom is like a “talent mom.” According to Jenelle, after Barbara texted a producer when the new trailer was released, she was allegedly told that MTV wouldn’t be including Jenelle for “just this season.” Jenelle says her mother gave her more information about the contact.

“I contacted our old producer and asked, and he said you guys just have an open contract right now, and that no doors have been closed.”

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jenelle Evans will return for another season of the show. MTV hasn’t commented on Jenelle’s statements just yet.

While the mom-of-three isn’t currently sharing her life on Teen Mom 2, she revealed what she is up to now that she isn’t on the hit reality television show.

“I just know that I’m trying to remain low key, stay humble. The kids are back in school,and we literally have a busy schedule every single day, bringing them to and from school.”

MTV cut ties with Jenelle and her family earlier this year after an incident in which Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, allegedly shot Jenelle’s French bulldog, Nugget. Following the incident, Jenelle and her husband lost custody of their kids temporarily. The couple spent weeks in and out of court in an effort to regain custody of their kids. Just before the Fourth of July, the couple regained custody of their children.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle recently took to Instagram to engage with her followers in a question and answer session. During the session, she revealed that she would “love” to appear on Dancing with the Stars. However, no cast member of the show has ever danced for the Mirror Ball Trophy. Bristol Palin appeared on the show twice, but that was prior to her brief time on Teen Mom OG.

While fans won’t be able to catch up with Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2, they can keep up with her on social media where she keeps fans updated. For fans wanting to keep up with the rest of the cast, they can tune in to all-new episodes which air Tuesday nights on MTV.