Serena Williams Stuns In Sheer Top & Tight Bodycon Dress In Double-Whammy Photos

Bradley KanarisGetty Images

Serena Williams is back in the news. The 37-year-old is currently in New York City, although with the Daily Mail‘s paparazzi following her around, it looks like the tennis superstar hasn’t been left in peace. Photos obtained by the British newspaper today reminded people of Serena’s A-lister status, but the outlet shared something extra special for fans of Serena’s style — two new looks from the sports legend.

Fans reading the Daily Mail’s report were welcomed by a snap of Serena looking extra-snazzy. The star made her way through the Big Apple’s streets in a super-tight bodycon dress with a statement geometric design. The long-sleeved number boasted a chic feel with its debonair prints and a short — but not too short — design. Serena’s super-fit legs were on show, with a pair of stylish and pointed-toe heels in black matching hues from her black-and-white dress. Serena appeared incredibly classy, with the look proving that owning the court isn’t this star’s only asset. Serena does seem to be quite the fashionista – she does, after all, have her own fashion line.

The newspaper’s report did also include photos of Serena taken earlier on in the day. Here, the star was seen looking sensational in wardrobe that was both toned-down and racy. Williams was snapped in a low-key pair of jeans, upping the ante with a sheer black top and a visible white bra underneath. Fans will likely have noted that Serena was smiling as she directly looked at the photographer.

While many fans might picture Serena as the sweat-drenched muscle machine she turns into on the court, there’s another side to this star. Serena takes her beauty routines seriously, with her words to Byrdie showing just how much she values taking care of her skin.

“I wish I could say I have a dedicated routine. But for me, I like trying the ‘new new.’ Right now, I’m loving ZO Skin Health’s C-Bright Serum. I use it on my body and face and it’s the perfect weapon against free radicals. I’ve noticed a difference since I started using it and swear by it. Not really a skincare necessity, but I also live for a good green juice—I try to start every busy day with one. My makeup is typically pared-down. I don’t go over-the-top with it and love classic beauty looks—the perfect red lip, glowy skin.”

Serena was, indeed, glowing today. The star recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines for rocking a swimsuit. While that look afforded a better view of Serena’s killer frame, today’s photos will likely have done the trick for fans.