‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Spoilers: The Flamingo’s Identity Leaves Fans Confused

Michael BeckerFox

The Masked Singer‘s second season will kick off this week, and viewers are more ready than ever to share their guesses for their thoughts on the stars behind the elaborate costumes, and The Flamingo has fans wanting to know more.

Warning: possible spoilers below.

Newsweek reports that The Flamingo’s clue package reveals that the character loves makeup and the color pink. The hints have some fans believing that Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah Girls could be under the costume, or even Katy Perry.

However, there have been some other guesses as well. Fans over in the YouTube comments section think that any number of hot Hollywood women could be belting out tunes on the show this year, including Demi Lovato, Jo Jo, Hayden Panettiere, or Ashley Tisdale.

However, others think it could be an older star such as Sofia Vergara or Wendy Williams. The “Pretty In Pink” reference hints at the possibility of actress Molly Ringwald, or even the singer P!NK, but others think it could be Marie Osmond, whose brother Donny Osmond went to the finals last year as The Peacock.

“Hello! Marie Osmond performs at the FLAMINGO Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I can’t wait for the whole clue package. I’m addicted already and it ain’t even Wednesday,” one comment read on the video-sharing site.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are some impressive achievements among the Season 2 cast members, including a combined 22 Broadway musicals, 22 gold records, 20 platinum records, 31 Billboard singles, 10 Grammys, 10 Lifetime Achievement Awards, three Walk of Fame stars, 15 marriages and eight divorces among the contestants.

This means that anyone’s name could be mentioned as a possible contestant. However, fans believe they’ve got some good guesses as they’ve tapped Wayne Brady as Thingamajig, Mayim Bialik as The Flower, and Freddie Highmore or Neil Patrick Harris as The Ice Cream.

However, The Eagle has been harder to pinpoint, with names like Billy Ray Cyrus, Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels, and Willie Nelson being mentioned.

The Fox has been deemed everyone from Jeremy Renner and Robert Downey Jr. to Chris Pratt, Hugh Jackman, and Jamie Foxx.

Meanwhile, The Skeleton has fans wondering if Bobby Bones could be under the mask, or if someone such as John Stamos or Stephen King will be revealed as the singer.

The Leopard has also been a headscratcher with both men and women like Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa, Jared Leto, Adem Levine, and RuPaul being mentioned.

However, it appears that fans will have to tune into The Masked Singer‘s Season 2 to find out which of the stars will be unmasked.