Demi Moore Says She Took Jon Cryer’s Virginity In 1984, Cryer Replies On Twitter With His Side Of The Story

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In her controversial and explosive new autobiography, Inside Out, actress Demi Moore opens up about a litany of her past sexual experiences, including engaging in a menage á trois with then-husband Ashton Kutcher and a third person — on two separate occasions — as The Inquisitr reported. But Moore’s recounting of her sexual history in the book is not confined to her spouses. She also says that during the filming of the 1984 teen romantic comedy No Small Affair, she and her prominent leading man had a tryst.

Moore’s leading man in that film was Jon Cryer, who in 1984 would have turned 19-years-old, and who 19 years later would leap to television stardom on what would become the long-running CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Moore would have likely been 21-years-old at the time of her relationship with Cryer.

“Jon fell for me in real life, too, and lost his virginity to me while we were making that movie,” Moore wrote in the book, as quoted by The New York Post.

Moore goes on to chastise herself for what she said was her “callous” approach to the young Cryer’s feelings surrounding what she believed was his first sexual experience and their brief dating relationship.

“I stole what could have been such an important and beautiful moment from him.”

Jon Cryer speaks.
Actor Jon Cryer denied that he lost his virginity to Demi Moore.Featured image credit: Amy SussmanGetty Images

Cryer, however, published his own memoir in 2015, in which he discussed his fling with Moore, according to a TV Guide report. In the book, Cryer says that dating Moore was his “inaugural Hollywood romance.”

But in the book, Cryer makes no mention of his sexual encounter with Moore being his first. On Tuesday, following the New York Post report, the now 54-year-old Cryer took to his Twitter account to clarify the situation.

In his tweet, Cryer denies that his sexual experience with Moore during the No Small Affair shoot was his first. “I had actually lost my virginity in high school,” he wrote.

But Cryer also wrote that he understood why Moore would assume that in their sexual encounter, he was actually losing his virginity, “based on my skill level (and the stunned look on my face at the time).” Cryer concluded the Twitter message by confirming that he was indeed “over the moon” for Moore at the time, and today feels “nothing but affection for her.”

In his own book, Cryer recounts that Moore left him heartbroken when he visited her home one evening, only to be told by a housekeeper that Moore was “out with her boyfriend,” according to the TV Guide account.