Lamar Odom’s Girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, Shows Off Slamming Workout Body In Tight Sports Bra & Leggings

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Sabrina Parr has one slamming workout body. The fitness model and girlfriend to Lamar Odom might make headlines on account of her relationship with the former basketball player, but today is seeing Sabrina shine on her own watch. The star took to her Instagram yesterday straight from the gym; clearly, Sabrina spends a lot of time in it.

The photo showed the blonde in selfie mode. The model was in an empty gym, with treadmills and various pieces of workout equipment seen behind her. As to what the snap was showing, well, it was obvious. This muscle machine was flaunting her killer muscles in an outfit that seemed to tick boxes for just about everything. The sports bra and leggings getup was girly from its blush pink shades, with a duo-toned finish keeping things trendy. Space between the upper and lower was flashing Parr’s killer abs, although with tight fabrics, this ensemble seemed to be showcasing every aspect of this super-fit star’s body. Fans saw Sabrina’s toned and trim waist, her muscular legs, plus a set of arms that definitely looked like they’d been pumping some iron.

Sabrina appeared with headphones, one hand placed on her waist, and the other holding her smartphone. She smiled for her snap with a face that appeared makeup-free.

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Today I got up and knocked out 3 hard miles and then did some upper body and core! This was the best way to start my week off!! . . Exercise is one of my biggest “HOW’S”!! Sooo many people ask me, how did I manage to get through this and that? How do I deal with this and that? Exercise is HOW!!! . . Working out how helps me deal with so many things because truth be told, if I go hard enough, I don’t have any energy left over to be mad, angry, argue sad or depressed lol! It just makes me feel good and it always has. Even when I was a younger, I would use this same tactic! . . Also, when I look good and feel good about myself, I make better choices! I’ll give you an example: when I was dating and a guy was playing games as they usually do lol, I would say to myself, “Sabrina, you look way too good to be dealing what that! Stop responding to him and go about your life”. This would literally be a convo I had with myself. . . I remember when I wasn’t so happy about my body, and I was dealing with some foolishness in a relationship, I would subconsciously believe I deserved that and I wasn’t good enough to get anything better. Man is that a lie tho!!!! . . Exercise doesn’t have to be your thing, although I encourage you to learn to enjoy it because it benefits in so many different ways. But you need to find some THING that is healthy for you that becomes your “HOW”! . . Drugs, alcohol, overeating, etc. are NOT things you should use to deal with stuff! Find things like exercise, prayer, meditation, reading etc. that are healthy releases! Tell me some things you use now that WORK for you..... #msparrmotivates #getuptoparr #mondaymotivation

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A caption from Sabrina announced that she’d gotten up and covered some running ground. The lengthy accompaniment was filled with plenty of motivational words, plus an admission that Sabrina’s body confidence hasn’t always been healthy. That said, Parr seemed out to demonstrate that she’s moved on from her past. She even listed various vices that she didn’t seem to feel are a solution in life. Instead, Sabrina suggested that her followers turn to healthier alternatives.

The update proved popular. Sabrina doesn’t have the world’s biggest following – with over 2,800 likes clocked in the space of 22 hours.

Sabrina has mentioned her famous boyfriend in an Instagram photo that featured them both. Their relationship was mentioned in a fitness-centric way.

“A couple that trains together, stays together” right???…. Well idk how true that is because I’ve definitely had some failed relationships and we was working out lol. BUT, I do get the point of the saying!”

“I believe that when you find activities to do with your partner it keeps the relationship strong! I also believe exercise helps keep you happy and healthy so it’s very important to do this with the ones I love!” she added.

Lamar and Sabrina continue to make headlines. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this summer, the former athlete admitted that he’d given up pornography and candy as his relationship with Sabrina was progressing.