Tomi Lahren Blasts Los Angeles Climate Change Protesters For ‘Global Warming Tantrum’

Joshua BlanchardGetty Images

During her recent Final Thoughts segment on Fox Nation — available on YouTube — Tomi Lahren blasted Los Angeles climate change protesters that took to the streets as part of a global climate change strike. The coordinated effort pushed some students to walk out of school to participate in the what Lahren called the “global warming tantrum” — the protest to place pressure on world leaders to step up and address the climate crisis.

“This whole climate change crusade is such a farce. The so-called ‘activists’ feel so high and mighty and moral in the streets with their cardboard signs, chants, and TV crews. But they don’t actually want to get off their butts to clean up or preserve the Mother Earth they claim to love so much.”

Lahren points to the “tent cities, trash mounds, and filth” in L.A. and suggests that it’s causing a “health crisis.” She claims that activists should be focusing on cleaning up this pollution if they truly cared about the environment and said they “pretend to do something” without doing anything to “make themselves feel better” about climate change. According to Lahren, climate change is a problem activists either “contribute to” or “turn a blind eye to” when it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to push.

Climate change has become an important topic in the realm of politics. While people on the left suggest that it’s an issue that requires immediate attention, many on the right suggest the changes are not man-made, and some outright deny any warming of the planet.

Per BBC, a group of scientists is meeting in Monaco to finalize a climate change report that is to be released on Wednesday. The report will address how oceans have been coping with Earth’s rising temperatures and warn that the increasing temperature of the seas is posing a threat to humanity.

Outside of climate change, Lahren has voiced her controversial opinion on many topics, from her support of abortion to her hardline views on immigration. During a recent rant on Fox & Friends, she addressed the college admissions scandal in which numerous high-profile people bribed their children into several top universities. The conservative firebrand suggested that Lori Loughlin receive a longer sentence than Felicity Huffman — who received just 14 days in jail — to set an example and show that nobody can avoid the law. She also said that those in the Hollywood community are not familiar “personal accountability and personal responsibility.”