Blake Shelton Says His Dog Betty Was ‘Here For Every Vocal’ In Raw Recording Video With Gwen Stefani

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Blake Shelton might be making headlines for his judging role on The Voice, but this is one TV judge who has earned his title. The country singer comes backed by impressive record sales and a raving fanbase – the latter is likely glad both Blake and girlfriend Gwen Stefani took to Instagram today with a new video straight from a recording studio. Blake posted his video first, with Gwen then reposting it to her social media. The video may have featured two superstars, but it was dedicated to Blake’s dog, Betty.

The video was one that fans would likely agree to be moving – in a raw and powerful way. It opened up with Betty being gently stroked, but the bulk of the footage featured Blake recording his “Hell Right” track. The 43-year-old was seen in a casual shirt and baseball cap as he stood in front of a microphone, with the addition of headphones really emphasizing the studio vibe. Of course, the video included vocals from the star, with him seen concentrating and closing his eyes as he really got into the sound.

Blake did seem to have given Betty the honors in this video. While she didn’t seem to aware of what was going on, she was given full recognition, with the singer revealing that his four-legged friend had been by his side for the entire recording.

“She’s been in here for every vocal,” he said.

Gwen was also briefly featured in the video: the 49-year-old appeared in a pair of Daisy Dukes paired with a cropped denim jacket and a fun printed shirt.

The video also saw Blake mention fellow singer Trace Adkins, as he features in the track.

For many fans, Blake is the country icon who really made it in Hollywood. That said, all those appearances in California haven’t taken Blake away from his roots.

Speaking to Mercury News about crowds in the Bay Area, Blake revealed that he loves performing out West.

“I’ve always been shocked at how strong the country music fanbase is in the Bay Area. The energy the audience has is unforgettable, and I always love coming back. I’m excited to perform my new songs ‘God’s Country’ and ‘Hell Right’ for the first time for these West Coast fans,” he said.

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“God’s Country for me is Oklahoma. It’s where I was born, where I live and where I will die. But I think everyone has their own God’s Country. I also think it can be representative of both a physical and mental state,” he added.

It’s headlines all over the place for this power couple. Just recently, The Inquisitr reported Gwen opening up about the Blake Shelton “obsession” – with television host Hoda Kotb apparently having one.

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