Kelly Clarkson Belts Out ‘High School Chemistry’ – Literally – In Minidress, Shades, & High Heels On Instagram

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson’s latest social media appearance is pretty epic. The Kelly Clarkson Show host has appeared in a new video posted to her series’ Instagram, with the content definitely taking an unusual route. Fans watching the popular daytime show are mostly used to Kelly covering famous songs. As The Inquisitr reports today, the 37-year-old went with a particularly well-known artist as she covered a song by Prince.

There’s been an update.

The video posted by The Kelly Clarkson Show showed the famous blonde on-set with the guests she had welcomed on today’s show. She was joined by singer Tori Kelly and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The latter guest begins to explain what was going on. In short, the video was all about the elements of the periodic table, plus a little music. Kelly and Tori were both seen belting out a list of elements as they stood in front of microphones, with the camera also showing the pair being prompted by a screen listing elements including sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Kelly appeared in the sexy black minidress and heels she’d donned for the show earlier today, although there was an addition. Kelly was wearing statement black shades, with a similar deal going on with her guests. Fans would likely agree that this singing video was nothing short of epic. A caption from the show confirmed that things were going down the throwback education route.

It looks like this singer and American Idol alum can do just about anything. Kelly is, of course, also making major headlines right now for appearing on the season premiere of The Voice last night. As to Kelly’s career as a talk show host, it seems to have gotten off to a cracking start. Ratings for the star’s series are through the roof, with the famous faces already welcomed onto the couch being very high-profile indeed: Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have both sat down for a chat with Kelly.

As to what Kelly hopes to achieve with the show, that’s been covered – by Kelly herself. As Country Living reports, Kelly revealed her thoughts behind the whole thing.

“I love communication and I feel like there’s a lot of brokenness with that in the world right now and there’s so much division. So I do want my show to be just really inclusive and about connection,” she said.

Fans wishing to catch Kelly’s next appearance should tune in tomorrow. Extra-keen fans should follow the star’s Instagram account.