Lana Del Rey Talks About New Song 'Music To Watch Boys To' And Third Album

As the Inquisitr predicted late last year, 2015 might be the year of Lana Del Rey. The songstress has yet another new song in the works called "Music To Watch Boys To."

This is yet another news piece about new music Lana has in the works after her critically acclaimed album Ultraviolence hit shelves in 2014. The new song is more evidence that Lana Del Rey is still thinking about that upcoming third album she promised a few weeks ago.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lana told the publication that the third album is definitely still happening.

"I can see it and I can hear it. I'm working on a new record now, and I have this one song, 'Music to Watch Boys To.' The title lends itself to a visual of shadows of men passing by, this girl's eyes, her face. I can definitely see things."

Back in December the Inquisitr reported on Lana's interview with Galore. Back then it seemed like she was testing the waters with the two songs she penned for the film Big Eyes. Del Rey wrote the title song and "I Can Fly" for the Tim Burton film.

"I just wrote two songs for Tim Burton and Harvey Weinstein's film called Big Eyes, and I'm working on a new record. I'm also always writing small pieces for independent films etc. Dan Heath and Rick Nowels are two of my dearest friends and producers and we are always up to something."

Back in December it looked like it was still early days. That said, it's only been a few weeks between Lana releasing her songs for Big Eyes and talking about her new song "Music To Watch Boys To." If Lana is making music this fast, we wouldn't be surprised if 2015 meant a whole new album for fans.

Either way fans are extremely excited to hear new material from Lana.