Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Brad’s Guilt Is Overwhelming As Wiley Remains With Shiloh

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

Panic will spread throughout Port Charles during Tuesday’s episode according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Shiloh is on the run and he has “Wiley,” and this is going to hit a lot of people in town quite hard when they hear the news.

Shiloh fully believes that Wiley is his biological son and Willow believes the same. Of course, as Brad, Julian, Nelle, Obrecht, and viewers know, the young tot is actually Jonah, Nelle and Michael’s supposedly dead son. By the looks of things, learning that Shiloh has Wiley is going to deeply rattle Brad.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shared via Instagram reveals that both Willow and Brad will learn that Shiloh stole Bobbie’s car, which happened to have Wiley in it. General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will seemingly take a moment to break the news to Willow while it appears that Lucas will tell Brad that their baby is in a madman’s hands.

When Brad learns from Lucas about Wiley being abducted by Shiloh, he’ll get extremely emotional. He’ll blurt out something about how this is all his fault, and viewers probably wouldn’t argue against that.

Of course, Lucas has no idea just how much his husband has been hiding from him and he’ll surely misinterpret Brad’s worries. Soap Central notes that Brad will be filled with regret as this proceeds, but will he tell Lucas or anybody else the truth about Wiley’s true paternity?

Fans probably shouldn’t count on that happening quite yet. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Brad will be apologizing for all he’s done wrong during Wednesday’s episode. The buzz is that Lucas will become increasingly confused about his husband’s escalating panicked behavior and viewers should probably expect Nelle to become involved in some sense soon too.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Shiloh will be contemplating his next moves on the Haunted Star. He currently has Wiley, Sam, and Dev there, and he’ll face some big decisions as he acknowledges that he can’t manage to keep all three of them while he’s on the run.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Peter will be feeling rather panicked during Tuesday’s show too. As viewers know, however, his worries are coming from a very different place than those of Lucas, Bobbie, Jason, and Willow. Shiloh knows that Peter tried to kill him and now he’s demanding a huge payoff to go away.

Teasers share that Peter will be exchanging money with someone during Tuesday’s show. He’s desperate to hold onto Maxie, but General Hospital spoilers note that something she says will leave him feeling even more desperate.

Maxie will tell Peter that she is “all in” with this relationship. She will share this earnestly, excited about the possibility of building a future with Peter. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s just a matter of time now before she faces a fresh round of heartbreak by learning the truth about her beau.

General Hospital spoilers signal that this chaos may carry over into next week. Not only that but as The Inquisitr recently shared, it would appear that Shiloh’s life will probably come to an end before this is wrapped up. Fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few shows and Tuesday’s episode should be another wild one.