WWE’s Paige Causes A Stir While Flaunting Her Busty Assets On Instagram

Roy RochlinGetty Images

WWE bombshell Paige is no stranger to sharing sultry snapshots on her social media pages. However, the last two posts that the brunette vixen has put up on Instagram seem to be especially popular among the starlet’s millions of followers.

Paige — whose real name is Saraya Bevis — is teasing some new products set to be released with her Saraya Jade line of cosmetics and clothing. A few days ago, the WWE star shared a handful of photos of herself wearing her new lipstick colors. While her fans loved the lip colors, it looks as though other components of the photos really caught everybody’s attention.

The photos show Paige wearing skintight black pants and a black Calvin Klein bra. In the first shot she is sitting down, holding onto one bent leg, with her other hand tousling her dark hair. The WWE star went with an intense, bold makeup palette, pairing her deep burgundy lip color with a dark eye shadow look.

Several of Paige’s tattoos could be seen in these photos, and the black bra had a deep V in the front to showcase plenty of cleavage. Other pictures included in this particular Instagram post were shots of Saraya from the side as well as standing, and these give her the opportunity to flaunt her slim waist and jaw-dropping curves, too.

This WWE personality isn’t wrestling in the ring herself any longer, but she still has a massive social media following. More than 5.5 million people follow Paige’s Instagram account, and within just a few days, nearly 470,000 of them had shown their love for this set of snapshots.

In addition to nearly half a million likes, more than 4,000 people commented on that post of Saraya’s. People clearly loved the sultry looks she shared, and it turns out that she wasn’t done yet.

On Monday, Paige shared another shot from that same photoshoot on her Instagram page. She was wearing the same black jeans and Calvin Klein bra, and she had her eyes closed as she smiled and rested her chin on one hand.

“The face I make when I know my new range of lipsticks are coming out October 1st. go check out @thesarayastore for a little video package to see how bad a** they look.”

This new photo generated an intense reaction from Paige’s followers as well. Within just 18 hours, almost 255,000 of the WWE vixen’s fans had liked the post and more than 1,200 commented.

This isn’t the first time in recent days that Paige has worn something like this and received a lot of love from her fans. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Saraya wore a similar look when she did an interview not long ago, and her followers love her confidence and style.

Based on the reaction that WWE’s Paige got when promoting these new lip colors, it looks like they’ll sell quite well. The buxom brunette knows how to generate a stir with her sultry snapshots, and in this case, it looks like she got exactly the reaction she desired.