Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera Kick Off JASH Comedy Network [SXSW]

Sarah Silverman kicked off JASH Comedy Network, a joint venture with Google, YouTube, and a host of other comedians including Michael Cera at SXSW, Deadline reported on Sunday, March 10.

Silverman and Cera were joined by Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts, in introducing the first video with a second on the way April 8, according to the group’s YouTube channel.

Sarah Silverman and crew hosted a barbecue brunch at SXSW to make the announcement, which pulled back the curtain on plans for the venture moving forward.

JASH Comedy Network is one of 60 YouTube networks announced in October 2012, Deadline noted, that will provide financing for comedians and artists. The new networks will also have production resources available to them as well as editing facilities and creative control. Artists will also share in revenues for each video.

The production team behind the effort consists of Daniel Kellison (The Man Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!), Mickey Meyer, Doug DeLuca, and Fullscreen Inc.

In the “Epic Intro Video” (see below), Silverman, Michael Cera, and the gang, are joined by an alleged Google executive — “alleged,” because we found no mention of him on the Google Senior Leadership Page — who announces that “there are too many videos” on the web.

JASH will replace all Internet videos, including “Charley Bit My Finger” and other viral favorites, with a new breed of comedy vignettes.

(Not really.)

Silverman is seen pitching a very ugly baby into a crib during the video, a detail that probably won’t be well-received with a certain Rabbi, who recently criticized the comedian and actress for her lifestyle choices.

“You said you wouldn’t get married until gay people can. Now they can,” a Rabbi Rosenblatt wrote in a letter to Silverman. “And you still haven’t married. I think, Sarah, that marriage and childrearing are not in the cards for you because you can’t focus on building life when you spend your days and nights tearing it down.”

The comment prompted Silverman’s father to tell the Rabbi he could “shove god up your judgmental ass.”

Silverman has also drawn ire from Pro-Life groups for a tweet claiming she “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned” in April 2012.

Do you find the Sarah Silverman brand of humor funny, and will you be watching JASH Comedy Network in April?

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