Sony Xperia Transfer Platform Updated, Targets iPhone Users

The Sony Xperia Transfer platform has received a major update. The system is now capable of more competently moving Apple iPhone users over to the Sony Xperia smartphone setup with Google Android.

The Japanese electronics firm is hoping that Xperia Transfer software will convince Apple users to give Google Android a closer look. The program works by allowing Apple users to transfer their devices contacts, files, and other data with little effort.

On the Sony Xperia Transfer page, the company explains that the new software can copy contacts, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks, and more.

Sony has made the new software available for most of its newer handset lines including the Xperia Z Line. Also compatible are the Xperia V, Xperia VC, Xperia TC, Xperia T, and Xperia TL.

At this point, it appears that Sony will do whatever is necessary to carve out a bigger niche for itself in the smartphone market.

In its most recent quarterly statement, Sony did show a steep 94.4 percent increase in its sales and operating revenue.

If you are not familiar with the Sony Xperia Transfer program, here is a video the company uploaded two months ago:

While Google Android is the most popular mobile OS internationally, convincing Apple iOS users to jump ship is not a simple task. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy users have settled into the Galaxy world with their sights pinpoint focused on the next and best from Samsung.

With billions of dollars to be earned quarterly in the smartphone business and the market still largely defined by two competitors, we are likely to see a lot more from Sony as it builds on its early successes in the mobile space.

Are you willing to jump from the iPhone platform to the Sony Xperia line of devices with the help of the Xperia Transfer platform?