WBC Brawl Ends With No Suspensions [Video]

Punching someone in the head during a baseball game almost always leads to a suspension. But last night’s WBC brawl, which featured several thrown punches, won’t result in any severe punishments.

The World Baseball Classic saw some rare physical violence last night when players from Canada and Mexico cleared the benches for an ol’ fashioned baseball brawl.

The incident started after the Canadian team laid down a bunt late in the game despite holding a solid lead. Mexico pitcher Arnold Leon felt like Canada was running up the score and decided to beam the next batter. It took a couple of pitches but he finally connected and hit batter Rene Tosoni with a pitch.

And that’s when all hell broke loose. The benches cleared and the two baseball teams started throwing pitches in the infield.

The organizers of the World Baseball Classic acknowledged that the WBC brawl ran “counter to the spirit of sportsmanship and respectful competition” but also “determined that disciplinary measures would not have a meaningful corrective impact.”

Canada and Mexico may have avoided suspensions but they did get a stern yelling at. The WBC said in a statement: “We relayed to both teams that such an altercation is inappropriate under any circumstances and has no place in baseball.”

Here’s a video of the WBC brawl.

Jose Bautista chastised Canada for their late inning bunt but several people have noted that the WBC uses point differentials to decide who advances to the next round. Because of that, Canada had to break an “unwritten rule about running up the score” in order to advance to the next round.

What do you think of the WBC brawl? Was Canada out of line for bunting? Or did Mexico cross the line by intentionally beaming a batter?